We have a new friend. Well to be honest he's not that new - we just have two new books starring our old friend Ted and that has broug...

Meet our friend Ted

Monday, March 05, 2018 BookBairn 3 Comments

We have a new friend. Well to be honest he's not that new - we just have two new books starring our old friend Ted and that has brought him back to life in BookBairn's imagination. We read at least one Ted book every day. They all live in a book basket in The Wee Page Turner's room and BookBairn loves to choose Ted stories for her little brother before his nap and bed times. And he loves them too.

This series are about a little toddler called Ted - he has a wonderful imagination and is a typical toddler (writing great toddler books seems to be Sophy Henn's forte - have you met Pom Pom yet? And we will be getting to know Edie for our Little Feminist Book Club this month.). We reviewed the first book - Bedtime Ted - last April and the follow-up - Playtime Ted - was featured in or Favourites Shelf last May so you know that we are already pretty fond of this little guy. He's incredibly cute, imagines his toys as real characters and, in typical toddler-style, he delays bedtime and can turn a box into anything he likes with the power of his mind!

In the two newer books, Ted is using his imagination again! In 'Time to Go Ted' he is off out for the day - to the supermarket, the park, swimming and other toddler friendly locations and his imagination goes wild. He sees monkey's swinging on the swings at the park, finds a polar bear in the freezer section and he goes swimming with a whale at the pool. In 'Dress Up Ted' he imagines himself as a knight, a cowboy and a spaceman turning a blanket into a cape and a collander into a helmet.
Ted certainly knows how to play. I love these books too as they model imaginative play for BookBairn at just the stage she is playing at and as she begins to play more imaginatively she also begins to play more independently. BookBairn loves them because she can identify with Ted. He gets up to the same mischief as her - dragging bedtime out as long as possible, playing inside a cardboard box for hours. He's a perfect mirror to her play. The Wee Page Turner loves them because they use bold colours and simple lines and backgrounds so he can focus on the real action of the page and make the connections between the words and the illustrations so easily! He also adores the full-page sized flaps that his wee hands can now manoeuvre. Ted is irrestible in his red and yellow wellies with his orange and turquoise bobble hat (I'll be he chose his own outfit that day!) and his animal friends are as cute and cuddly as can be. 

We can't wait to wait to join Ted for 'Teatime with Ted' out next month and am probably most excited for 'Storytime with Ted' because you know we just love our storytime!
Is it just me, or do they look like they are plotting bedtime shenanigans?

In short, Ted fits in with our family nicely. He's a friend we like to invite over to play!
Who is your favourite book best friend?
Mummy, BookBairn and The Wee Page Turner xxx

*DISCLAIMER - the two newest books in the series were sent to us for review by Boolino as part of their 'Boolino Friends' reviewers scheme. But I would have bought them anyway. Honest!


  1. They are definitely scheming and plotting. Perhaps it’s “Let’s Annoy Mummy with Ted”.

    1. Mischief coming out of every inch of them!

    2. They both look like little monkeys! But I think it was more - "how can we make it as difficult as possible for mummy to take a photo?!"