Today is International Women's Day and I couldn't let it passed unmarked without reading some books about awesome and inspiring w...

International Women's Day

Thursday, March 08, 2018 BookBairn 4 Comments

Today is International Women's Day and I couldn't let it passed unmarked without reading some books about awesome and inspiring women. My go-to for a boost to our feminist reading is always the Little People Big Dreams series (though I wish they would add some male role models too! I'd collect them all).

We recently added three new titles to our collection: Audrey Hepburn, Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst. Three women who stood for causes close to their hearts. I don't think I need to give you a biography of these mighty girls - they are well known names and a quick google search will give you the details. But needless to say these books are just as incredible as the previous titles. And I can't wait to get my hands on Ada Lovelace and Ella Fitzgerald who will feature as part of our 'Little Feminist Book Club' in May. And there are even more great names to add to our collection out later this year: Anne Frank, Mother Theresa, Harriet Tubman, Jane Goodall, Lucy Laud Montgomery, Simone de Beauvoir, Georgie O'Keeffe, Jane Austen and Josephine Baker.

All the stories are written in short concise sentences making them easy for little readers like BookBairn to follow and are not at all overwhelming as some books in this new genre of 'feminist picture books' for very young readers. They would also make great early-readers for children who are ready to tackle reading some more challenging vocabulary. Each book also features a timeline with a more detailed biography giving you even more information as well as a final page that includes suggestions for further reading.

As this series has expanded so have the variety of illustrations. Most are bold and colourful and all are wonderfully engaging and I love that the illustrations of the mighty women never cross the line into becoming caricatures. They remain true to the women they represent and are beautiful.

The books also treasure how wonderful it is to be unique, to conquer challenges and perseverance. Things that I think most mighty girls should learn. I have recently got a set of 'Yes Mum' Kids cards for BookBairn that have positive affirmations that will help her self-esteem and help my little girl realise that she is a mighty one! They are great!

I hope you are celebrating International Women's Day with a good read starring a mighty female character. If you want to read more mighty girls books check out our 'mighty girls' list for inspiration.

Happy Women's Day
Mummy and BookBairn xx


  1. It’s terrific to see these in the collection. I was captivated by a Facebook post of Nobel women prize winners and how few of them I knew of. It’s shocking to think their achievements are anything less than renowned and amazing. I love mighty girls and long may she be one!

    1. I am certainly trying to raise a mighty little girl! It's so frustrating that these women have such a low profile but what's more frustrating are the ones who didn't even get recognised and are long forgotten to history!

  2. There is still a picture of Audrey Hepburn in MummyBookBairn’s old bedroom and there are pictures of MightyBookBairn all over the house.

    1. Oh yes - you can maybe take that down now! And your walls are blessed with lots of photos of mighty BookBairn, The Wee Page Turner and their cousins!