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Bandoola by William Gril

Monday, March 21, 2022 BookBairn 1 Comments


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Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue by William Grill is just further proof to my firmly held believe that picture books are for grown ups too. The importance on the ‘too’ because kids and adults alike will be enchanted by this one! But I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and reading this with a cup of tea and no children around.

In equal parts astonishing, touching and ever so stylish, this is the true story of Bandoola, the pride of the jungle, and James Howard Williams, as known as Elephant Bill.

Over the first pages of the book, we are told of life in the timber and logging industry, as well as the backstory of Williams and the majesty of elephants. Bandoola’s story actually begins on page 30 and is all the more powerful for learning about his environment, the logging industry, the ways in which that world works and the people who are important to Bandoola.

When World War II comes to Myanmar, that world is shattered and people and elephants alike are forced to flee their homes in the Burmese jungle. Together, led by Bandoola and Williams, they undertake a journey that will test their courage to the very limit and prove their trust and friendship. Leading a group of 53 elephants and over 200 refugees over the mountains to safety, this epic story reminds us of the enduring bond between humans and animals. And why we should protect them. Especially as Bandoola is betrayed by a poacher who takes her tusks and her life. A moment that brought tears to my eyes it was depicted with such sensitivity.

The coloured pencil illustrations are mesmerizing and the author having undertake research in the jungle of Myanmar is evident in the depth and detail of the artwork.

The emotions in this book are incredibly powerful and it has taken me several days to process this story. Bandoola’s story deserved an exceptional book: told with elegance, artistry and sensitivity. And this book does justice to that.

This book is ever more poignant to us as a family because my husband’s family are descendant from Myanmar and his great grandfather would have lived in Myanmar at the time this story is set. So I feel like this has prompted an interest to find out more about that side of the family.

If you know someone with a love of elephants, or a story about adventure and bravery, then surely this is a perfect fit!

Happy reading,

Kim and the bairns x

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