Many of the books we review are either books we have borrowed from the library, books that we have bought ourselves or been gifted by friend...

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BookBairn 0 Comments

Many of the books we review are either books we have borrowed from the library, books that we have bought ourselves or been gifted by friends and family. We are now in the fortunate to work with several publishers and often receive books free for review purposes. Sometimes these books are ones that I have requested and other times they are unsolicited. We do not always review these books - I try to share on social media the 'best of the rest' but you can rest assured that we only review and recommend books that we really do like. I endeavor to share how we have found a book that we have reviewed in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post and on social media it should be clear whether we have bought, borrowed or received some #bookpost (which will always be labelled with this hashtag). We will always give your our honest opinions regardless of the source of the book.

Once we have finished reading a book for review, we return it to the library or add it to our collection. If we have been sent a book that we do not enjoy or still need time to grow into, we try to find it a better home (such as donating it to a friend or gifting it to the school Mummy worked at). We sometimes hold a Book Swap or Book Exchange to share some of our books with friends and have held book treasure hunts to share our book wealth with the local community. We also donate books to local charities or to BookBairn's nursery.

(No not the tasty kind!) We really value that you follow our blog and just want to make you aware that we gather data through the use of 'cookies' on our site. This allows us to collect information from your visit about which posts have been read most frequently or commented on as well as how you may have found our site. We do not publicise or share this data with third parties and always respect your privacy.  You can turn off cookies at any time by adjusting the settings of your web browser. I use Google Analytics to analyse traffic to the site and the user and event retention period is set at 14 months (the minimum that has available). As soon as Google make a cookies pop-up available for Blogger I will install this making it easier for you to turn off cookies if you wish. Who knew cookies could be so problematic?! They are supposed to be a treat after all.

I am in the process of updating my data collection policies and procedures in order to comply with GDPR. Please rest assured that I never store data to be used for anything other than my own information. And I would never disclose anyone's data without their express permission. If I have collected a postal address for competition wins I only pass this on to publishers in order to ensure you receive a book and then always delete that data once you have received your book. As mentioned above cookies are used to collect site data and you can turn these off in your settings. I currently do not have an email list but if I decide to set one up I will ensure it complies with GDPR. In order to comment on blog posts you have to provide an email address - I am currently unable to modify this as Google have not yet made this option available to users.

Affiliate Links
I am a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to

On some of our posts we add links to websites where you can buy the books we have reviewed. These are usually affiliate links through or the affiliate marketing network Webgains. What does this mean for you? If you purchase anything through one of these links on our blog, I will receive a small commission (4%) at no extra cost to you. Simply, if you purchase a book priced about £4 I will make around 20p - it won't cost you any more so it's just amazon giving me a small fee for sending you to them via my link. You don't have to use the link obviously but think of it as a 'tip jar' - I'll tip you off to the best books and you can ask amazon to give me a tip in exchange. But as I say you don't have to use any of those links. I will also disclose in my posts if I have used affiliate links in an effort to be completely transparent about it. That considered, you should know, I will most likely spend any earnings on more books. I have a bit of a thing about books, if you hadn't noticed, so thank you for supporting my 'book habit'.

Where do our books come from?
Many of the books we share have been borrowed from the library or bought ourselves. But we do receive up to 30 books a month from publishers. Books which are sent by publishers, authors and illustrators free for review purposes will be labelled on our social media with the hashtag #gifted. Books that have been reviewed for a fee will be labelled with the hashtag #ad. As far as I can tell this is in line with ASA guidelines, though they seem to be open to interpretation. On the blog, each post will be labelled with an appropriate disclaimer as to where the books came from at the bottom of each blog post

This disclosure was last updated 19th September 2018. Feel free to contact me using the information on our contact us page here.