Sometimes a picture book story is elevated to the next level by its outstanding illustrations. Electrifying art that "illuminates&q...

#KidLit Picks November Round-Up - Visual Wonders

Monday, December 03, 2018 BookBairn 3 Comments

Sometimes a picture book story is elevated to the next level by its outstanding illustrations. Electrifying art that "illuminates" the written narrative with gusto. Those picture books that you are happy to take your time with, soak up the visual spectacle and enjoy. As an introduction to art and the power of imagination, these picture books do more than just please the eye. They change the mind with new creative ideas and show young readers just how wondrous the world can be. 

During December the @kidlitpicks book club featured books about celebrating. A huge thank you to Liam from Words And Illustrations for the vibrant theme!

When I Was a Child, by Andy Stanton and David Litchfield
When I Was a Child by Andy Stanton and David Litchfield, is not only a work of wonder, it encourages readers to see the world in all of its wonder, to create wonder by using one’s imagination and share that wonder with those we love.” — Summer from @readingisourthing

Luxbacher is a master of detail, and every part of her illustrations is carefully thought-out and created." — Mel from @spiky_penelope

“It's just fascinating from start to end.” — Claire from @alittlebookhabit

“Consistent and tangible art that captivates imaginations no matter the age or generation.” — Miranda from @bookbloom

This gloriously-illustrated book is a lovely way to introduce children to poetry and encourage an appreciation for nature”  Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Look, by Fiona Woodcock 
"Using only a handful of double "oo" words, Fiona Woodcock has very cleverly woven the words into such stunning illustrations, you'll be amazed."”  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

Me and My Fear, by Francesca Sanna
"Me and my Fear is a beautifully imagined and illustrated book about the anxieties faced by all children"”  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

"What a perfect book for this season! Lauren from @happily.ever.elephants

A story of family history, legacy, and love.” — Angelique from @heads.shoulders.knees

"Graham Carter delivers a breath of fresh air and gives the alphabet book genre new life." — Wendy from @homegrownreader

“Bold palette, interesting shapes, a story for the imagination...this book fits the bill perfectly.” — Heather from @kidlitbookbits

“From its stunning cover to the gorgeous endpapers, Everest is a visual treat.” — Anna from @kidlitcrafts

Heads and Tails, by John Canty
“This book is excellent for shared reading.” — Teri from @petitbookcorner

“An enchanting read, and reread, for children and adults alike.” — Liam from @words.and.illustrations

“In Door we follow a child as they chance upon a key and wonder - what does it open?” — Liam from @words.and.illustrations

“It is truly a Visual Wonder, with the large format barely containing it.” — Liam from @words.and.illustrations

Illumanatomy, by Carnovsky and Katie Davies 
"A completely fascinating, artful look at human anatomy that will have both you and your child enthralled." — Liam from @words.and.illustrations

Yellow Kayak, by Nina Laden and Melissa Castrillon 
"This cover is stunning, with an added bonus that the binding is incredible and the illustrations inside are truly spectacular. A wonder for sure." — Kim from @BookBairn


I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with BOOK. How many words can you come up with? LOOK, CHOOK, COOK, HOOK, TOOK...

@kidlitpicks is on the hunt for the best rhyming reads to share with our kiddos! We all know that reading WITH our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, as it opens up their world to so many different ideas and perspective, BUT did you know reading rhyming books is one of the best ways to help your child develop phonological awareness and rhythmic language?

The more rhyming books we read with our children the better they become at recognising, identifying, matching and eventually substituting, manipulating and producing rhymes themselves. This assists them greatly with language development and on the road to learning to read. Plus rhyming reads are just so much fun and an excellent way to get the whole family engaged in read aloud moments that everyone will enjoy.

What books will you be sharing with the @kidlitpicks #kidlitpicks_rhymingreads hashtag?

Happy Reading,
The KidLit Picks Team and Kim x

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