If you are getting organised for Christmas then you might be thinking about some books to give to the very smallest babies in your life!...

BookBairn's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Babies

Friday, December 07, 2018 BookBairn 2 Comments

If you are getting organised for Christmas then you might be thinking about some books to give to the very smallest babies in your life! This is always a tricky category as all babies like different things, but these books all have the seal of approval from my Wee Page Turner. And they are ones that I like too - because let's face it, grown-ups have to read them over and over as they are pulled out time and time again! So it's important to get books for babies that grown-ups can stand (so no sound books here I'm afraid because no matter how good those tunes don't stand the test of 1457 plays a day!) If you are looking for a different age category or want to see last year's list for babies too you can find them all linked here. And as always, I've tried to include a variety of books so that there is something for everyone.

I Thought I Saw a Bear by Lydia Nichols

This is one of the books that we have read over and over again this year and is probably looking a little worn in this photo - a sure sign of a good children's book! (And rest assured all the mechanisms are still working perfectly!) Each page repeats the phrase “I thought I saw a...” and then using the slider you can reveal the hidden bear. We particularly love it when the bear slides on the cover and when he pops up in the car. This book has a transport theme with bear popping up in lots of different vehicles and modes of transport so it's perfect for adding in lots of transport vocabulary too. And the great part - there's a whole series of these books so you can find your little one's favourite! These are very simple, very clever little books that are great for entertaining little readers and perfect for popping in your bag for out and about stories.

Pip and Posy Book & Blocks by Axel Scheffler

We actually haven't read this one on repeat yet because I have stashed it away for The Wee Page Turner's stocking! But what I do know is that Pip and Posy are characters that we love and even BookBairn enjoys reading the stories over and over again so I know that he will love them too. He also loves to build things, like lots of babies, and more excitedly he loves to knock them down, so I thought this block set would be perfect. He won't be able to make the puzzles at the moment, but will get his own enjoyment out of them, but the puzzles will be there for future-play. Making this a gift that will keep on giving.

Baby 101: Anatomy, Botany, Architecture and Zoology by Jonathan Litton & Thomas Elliott

This new series of board books are perfect if you want to introduce your baby (or toddler - they are still very toddler friendly) to their first STEM facts! Brainy babies will love learning all about the world around them (and their bodies!) in an engaging and colourful way! With very basic facts and simple explanations, there's no reason that you can't start your little one off in their science-learning journey. Every book in the series is bright and colourful and just so engaging! And there's a lift-the-flap surprise on the final page of each book. Such a great set of books to gift as they will appeal to the grown-ups too who have to read them over and over as their little one loves them so much!

Touch Think Learn 123 by Xavier Deneux

This has to be declared as one of our all time favourite books this year! The Wee Page Turner can barely lift it but he can muster the strength enough to get it out the book box. It’s a beautifully produced simple numbers book with lots of sensory cut-outs and raised pieces. The Touch Think Learn series really does what it says on the cover! We love it and love counting the dots and then turning the page to reveal the animal made up of the dots! Our favourite is number three which stars one of the only words that The Wee Page Turner can say! This is such a great fun big book - and it’s hefty size means it should last forever! 

Tree by Britta Teckentrup

A book gift should be something that little ones want to read again and again and this is one that both my children adore! The Wee Page Turner loves this board book and BookBairn has the paperback. I think it's become a magical story because it pairs what children can see in their world around them with magical and beautiful storytelling. Following the life cycle of a tree through all the seasons has never been so beautiful in a book as brought to life by the incredibly talented (and a favourite of ours) Britta Teckentrup. The clever die-cuts on each page are wonderful to add depth to the illustrations and it's perfect for little fingers to explore as you read the lyrical rhyming couplets. Part poem, part work of art, part non-fiction, this book is a beautiful journey for little ones learning about the changing seasons. And it might also make us grown ups stop and appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature around us.

I hope you have found something that your babies would love and that there is something that you think you will last more than just the festive season. Babies change so much so I wanted to pick some books that have a bit of longevity to them! Please keep a look-out for my next list of recommendations which should be up as soon as possible.

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Happy Christmas Shopping,
Kim and the elves xx

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  1. This is a great selection of books. My favourite is Touch Think Learn 123. It’s a beautiful book but it’s my favourite because the Wee Page Turner loves it and its great to watch his excitement mount as he gets to number 3 and shouts “Duck”. I love it.

    1. He did exactly that just yesterday! And now he is certainly strong enough to get the book off the shelf!