AD: Sponsored Post  In one of the most beautiful picture books of the year, nature illustrator extraordinaire Yuval Zommer , has personifi...

The Wild by Yuval Zommer

Monday, October 09, 2023 BookBairn 1 Comments

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In one of the most beautiful picture books of the year, nature illustrator extraordinaire Yuval Zommer, has personified The Wild - making it into a living breathing creature. A wonder to behold. 
A visually stunning book, with a creature you will fall in love with, this is a poignant reminder that our connection to nature is vital.

Usually I start a review by telling you the synopsis of the story but today I just have to share a gushing praise for the glorious artwork in The Wild by Yuval Zommer. It’s the sort of book tat you can’t help but trace your fingers along the pages - as if feeling the pages will help you believe the beauty your eyes are seeing is real. You could read this book 100 times and find a new tiny detail you’ve missed on reads before. Children will want to take this book into their laps, with our someone to read it aloud to them, simply to turn each page and “look at the pictures”. This is the sort of book that will help children understand art. 

It is proof that picture book illustration is art.

Lush and green, full of layers and textures, the depth to this book is truly breathtaking.

It tells the story of the Wild (brought to life in a character) and all that it does for the creatures that live on it’s back; the creatures who depend upon it; the creatures that make the Wild their home. The Wild welcomes all, it stretches across lands and oceans, it is home to all. But as time goes on, people begin to care less for the Wild and they take more and more of it’s resources: they plough, and mine, and drain. They do not appreciate that the Wild is home to many, and will suffer if the few keep relentlessly pillaging its resources. And they do not notice that the Wild was losing its deep green forests and its bright white ice.

One child is watching. One child is worrying. One child is noticing. Noticing that the Wild needs a voice. And that child is not afraid to speak. To shout. Until many others add their voices. And the words become loud and clear. And changes happen. Meaning the Wild can recover.

This is a story about nature. About the natural world. It’s also about collective voices. It’s about speaking out for those who cannot. It’s about protecting and rescuing our Wild.

A beautiful book to read outdoors, in the shade of a towering tree,
Kim and the bairns x

Disclaimer: This is a paid AD from Oxford Childrens. I hope my passion for this book comes across - it's truly fabulous!

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  1. “The Wild” as a character. Great idea! The artwork looks fabulous!