AD: Sponsored Post It’s bewitching season! I grew up loving the Worst Witch (did you?) but now there’s a whole coven of witch stories to cho...

Bewitching Halloween Books From Books 2 Door

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 BookBairn 2 Comments

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It’s bewitching season! I grew up loving the Worst Witch (did you?) but now there’s a whole coven of witch stories to choose from and I’ve picked some favourite series to bewitch you with!And Books 2 Door have an amazing selection of bewitching stories for readers of all ages. I love that they have so many box sets because when you find something you love you know young readers are just going to want the next one straight away - it's like they are under a spell (yes, there will be lots of puns!).

Elsie Pickles series* (Witch for a Week) by Kaye Umansky & illustrated by Ashley King

When Elsie Pickles offers to house-sit for local witch Magenta Sharp, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. With a talking raven and a scruffy dog for company and a book of instructions called ‘Everything You Need to Know’, what could possibly go wrong?

Mischief and marvellous magic are set to turn Elsie’s life upside down! I really love the illustrations in this series too - they are packed full of fun details that magically bring the story to life! This series is full of funny magical mishaps that will charm and bewitch young readers.

Aveline Jones by Phil Hickes & illustrated by Keith Robinson

Looking for something spine-tingling?! Then the Aveline Jones series* will have you checking under the bed before you turn the lights out!

Aveline loves reading ghost stories so when she finds a spooky old book in a dusty second-hand bookshop (you’ve got to love that for a setting) she is drawn into the stories as well as the book’s previous owner’s story! There’s creepy scarecrows, stormy weather and something (or someone?) who is stirring. This first book will certainly give you the shivers! But are you brave enough to read all three? Perfect for kids who aren’t afraid of the dark!

Diary of an Accidental Witch* by Perdita & Honor Cargill & illustrated by Katie Saunders

Bea Black has just moved to Little Spellshire and her dad has accidentally enrolled her in Witch School! Instead of simply focusing on making new friends and managing mathematics, she’s got the class frog thrust upon her, levitation classes to grapple with, learning to fly a broom and plan for the Halloween Ball!

With a contemporary setting and a diary format, you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend in Bea. Packed full of humour, and doodles, this is a magical series about friendship, frenemies and finding your place.

Books2Door also have a fantastic offer on their Halloween reads with an extra 10% off throughout October! (£30 min spend - check the T&Cs and if you're reading this after Halloween it's likely to have ended) .

*I’ve only read the first book in each series so far! (If only there was more reading time, huh?)

Some bewitching reading for the season! I also have a £10 off coupon for new customers when you spend £30 just CLICK HERE.

Hope you find these book charming!

SpookBairn x

Disclaimer: This is a paid AD from Books2Door and I selected these box sets from their wide collection for review. This post contains links to their website which I included as part of said agreement. (Though I would have directed you to their site anyway because the book bargains are fabulous!). All the books will be donated after this work is completed, and BookBairn has had a read, to our school library project.