There are eight billion of us humans on the planet. All breathing, eating, sleeping, fidgeting, and thinking deep thoughts. An unimaginabl...

The Biggest Footprint by Rob & Tom Sears

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 BookBairn 2 Comments


There are eight billion of us humans on the planet. All breathing, eating, sleeping, fidgeting, and thinking deep thoughts. An unimaginably large number.

So in steps The Biggest Footprint by Rob & Tom Sears and its ‘smooshing machine’ to bring all humankind together, quite literally, into one spectacular giant human to represent all eight billion of us.

And then the smooshing machine starts sucking in animal species to show just how we compare to them - the use of scale images in this book is just genius but I’ll come back to that. And suddenly the mega human looks even more huge. Throw in the animal species we breed for food production and a little history comparison and you start to realise just how out of proportion things have become.

Taking into account not just our effect on other animal species but also earth’s resources and our massive amount of waste, this book is a startling read. But it’s also sprinkled with hope showing that a mega human can cause a lot of destruction but it also (collectively) has great power to plant new trees, clear plastic from the ocean, build wind turbines, clean up and give back to the places were have plundered providing habitats for our fellow earth-dwellers.

This book really is ingenious. I just love it. It reads like a fable but is packed full of facts and statistics. It’s bleak but packed full of humour and ends with a message of hope. The illustrations really make the statistics come to life in a way that I could not have visualised without them. And it empowers us to realise that we, as a collective, have damaged the planet but also that we, as a collective are a powerful force that can fix it.

I implore you to buy a copy of this. It’s so important.
Kim x

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  1. What a great way to describe our collective responsibility for the planet.

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