You know we love birds so it's not surprising  that these two new picture books are firm favourites ! 

Bird Picture Books

Wednesday, October 06, 2021 BookBairn 1 Comments


You know we love birds so it's not surprising that these two new picture books are firm favourites

100 Birds by Michael Whaite

Yes we have a lot of birds. This isn’t even the full collection! 

One of our favourite family books is 100 Dogs so when I saw there was a bird version (there’s also a cat one but we are not a feline loving family) I just knew I had to have it. For any of you who have followed for a while will know that two years ago BookBairn’s fascination with birds began and she’s been a twitcher ever since. 

So obviously this was going to be a huge hit! Not only does it feature lots of her favourite birds and she can enjoy identifying them as we read. It also is written in the most brilliant bouncing and rhythmic rhyme! It’s a real mastery in world play and a great story for developing kids phonic knowledge without them, or even adults, noticing. It’s a joy to read aloud! There’s also a bird’s colourful tail feather hidden on every page which keeps The Wee Page Turner happy and the illustrations are bold, colourful and packed full of humour. We could pore over the artwork for ages just talking about what the bird characters are getting up to. It’s one of those deceptively simple books that packs a whole lot into it’s pages and we adore it! Highly highly recommend this one!

I always find it telling when reviews ares super easy to write! It means the book is FAB!

100 Birds by Michael Whaite

I cannot say how much I adore this book! I mean I really really love it! A lyrical exploration of the many sides of humanity - good and bad - told from the viewpoint go a bird overheard.

One day Little Bird leaves the safety of her mother’s nest (I mean already I’m finding this tugs my heartstrings!) and goes to explore the world. Mama bird warns her to watch out for people - but without really knowing exactly what they are and why her forefathers (or mothers) warned her off them. So on her flight, Little Bird sees many people who are all very different: she sees cruelty and greed, but also love and kindness.

“They were many many things,
said Little Bird.
But the ones I will remember most
Are the ones that were kind.”

This is such a beautiful exploration of the many sides of humanity and our connection with nature and the natural world. The artwork throughout is gorgeous with layers and texture and depth that really brings to life the idea that you re flying with bird and seeing humans from a bird’s eye view. It’s an expertly executed book with a deep and poignant message but it’s alos one that my kids ask to read over and over again - they do love a bird book - because it’s a beautiful and gentle story too.

If you have a little twitcher at home then these books would be a great read for them! We adore them!

Happy bird watching and reading,
Kim and BookBairn x

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  1. BookBairn really is a fab twitcher. I still remember the day a strange bird (to me) appeared in my garden. It wasn’t in my Scottish Book of Birds so I took some photos of it and sent one to BookBairn. The reply was instant “Papa, that’s a Nuthatch.”......and so it was.