Oi! Have you seen the latest edition of the Oi series by Kes Grey and Jim Field?! We've been looking forward to this one a lot (it featu...

Oi Aardvark Blog Tour

Monday, September 07, 2020 BookBairn 3 Comments

Oi! Have you seen the latest edition of the Oi series by Kes Grey and Jim Field?! We've been looking forward to this one a lot (it featured on my exciting upcoming picture book releases list last month).

It's hard to dampen the enthusiasm that Frog has for making sure that everyone is sitting on the right spot. And now, after starring in FIVE (plus a mini world book day edition) he's back and creating a book of his very own. He's called it The All-New Alphabetty Botty Book and it's for all the animals that he hasn't helped to find a place to sit yet. And don't fear Cat and Dog are back too - helping in their uniquely hilarious ways! And can they help Frog to find a creature for ever letter of the alphabet? Dog enthusiastically thinks of course Frog can - he's a genius! Cat is less-supportive quite gleefully looking forward to Q and X and Y!

So who stars in this fantastic new cacophony of creature?

Well, Aardvarks of course!

Eels and Elks and BookBairn's favourite page: Finches!

And Jays and Jerboas - I know! What's a Jerboa?*

A fantastic double page spread of P creatures including - Possums, Pigeons, Pangolins (my favourite!) and Pandas.

All the way through to Zebras! With which you'll see frog takes a little poetic license to find a rhyme!

Surely, that's them all done? Until Dog points out the Zillyzinkzikkers who sit on frilly pink knickers. The what?!

Another brilliantly bonkers, laugh out loud rhyming rollicking picture book that are brought so hilariously to life by the fantastic bright and bold illustrations!

But there's more than just fun at play with these books - they are a fresh and engaging way to teach phonics, making learning letters fun and funny for the whole family (especially grown ups). Rhyme and playing with rhyme is also an invaluable pre-reading skill that children won't even spot that they are learning as they will be so busy giggling. I cannot recommend this series highly enough!

In fact I've raved about it before back in a blog post in 2017 (in fact it was my Most Anticipated Picture Book of the Year that year) and I'm sure I'll be raving about it many years down the line too! I've been lucky enough to meet both Kes and Jim in the past so our book Oi Frog book has a lovely signed and illustrated personal message - "Oi Lottie, sit on a potty!" and I've never met a man as patient as Jim who must have been signing and drawing for at least two hours that day and he still had smiles and ink left for me at the end of the day! 

If you're interested in this book there is going to be a whole week of A-Z stops on the tour (we are B!) and I've popped the banner with the details below.

Oi! Happy reading!
Kim and the bairns - sitting comfortably surrounded by books! 

*Jerboas are hopping desert rodents found in Arabia, Northern Africa and Asia.

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