I think one of the best gifts you can give a baby is books! Because they can grow with them! Books which have high contrast colours and...

Books for Babies Christmas Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 BookBairn 1 Comments

I think one of the best gifts you can give a baby is books! Because they can grow with them! Books which have high contrast colours and cloth books are best for newborns but as they get older it's great to have a good selection of books. And by a good selection I partly mean ones that you can tolerate reading over and over and over. Because you will have to read them over and over and over! If you want more suggestions, my guides from the previous two years are still full of recommendations that we still love and read regularly! In fact some of the recommendations on this list are new releases from series that we have loves in the past too! You can find all our previous lists here: GIFT GUIDES

Little Artist / Little Scientist Box Sets by Emily Kleinman & Lydia Ortiz

We loved the Little Feminist box set and are delighted to have two new ones to add to our collection! These little board book sets feature colourful illustrated portraits of real people  who have made a historical impact on the world. They are a great way to introduce little ones to these important people in history with illustrations that are fun and bright but also representative of their real life counterparts. And these ones featuring artists and scientists are such a fun introduction to the topics. These are mini board books so are great for the littlest readers and The Wee Page Turner enjoys playing with these ones since he has been able to sit up! He still loves slotting them in and out of the sets. A perfect gift for little hands!

 Baby 101 Economics / Engineering for Babies by Jonathan Litton & Thomas Elliott

This series of board books are perfect if you want to introduce your baby (or toddler - they are still very toddler friendly) to their first STEM facts! Brainy babies will love learning all about these concepts in an engaging and colourful way! With very basic facts and simple explanations, there's no reason that you can't start your little one off in their science-learning journey. Every book in the series is bright and colourful and just so engaging! And there's a lift-the-flap surprise on the final page of each book. Such a great set of books to gift as they will appeal to the grown-ups too who have to read them over and over as their little one loves them so much! 

Bizzy Bear Blocks & Book Set by Benji Davies

We love the Bizzy Bear character and adore the books with all the paper-mechanics moving parts to help little fingers interact with the story. They are such a great first set of stories for little ones. And a great way to give them as a gift with a set of jigsaw blocks. Now I know babies won't be able to put together the puzzles to make the images but they will enjoy playing with the blocks all the same and it will help them get to know a character from their stories. This set also comes with a Bizzy Bear book (but just a flat one with no moving parts) which is the perfect size for popping in the changing bag when out and about. So a great gift as it has plenty of room for babies to enjoy now but also grow into as they become toddlers.

Where's Mr Duck by Ingela P. Arrhenius

'Where's Mr Duck?' is part of a fabulous series of books where the flaps are made of felt fabric so that little ones can pull at them even before they have the fine motor skills to manipulate card or paper pages. The illustrations are bright, colourful and high-contrast so little ones will really enjoy them. And the final page has a mirror hidden underneath the flap that babies will giggle at in delight of the adorable baby looking back at them. There are many different versions of the book too featuring different animals which means you can pick up one with baby's favourite animal in it! 

This Little Piggy by Jarvis

You know this nursery rhyme inside and out don’t you? Well, Jarvis has got a new and fresh update for it turning it from a fun and playful rhyme into a bright and brilliant book, babies will want you to read over and over again! This Little Pig is a fun counting tale that shows just how chaotic having a family with a growing number of piggies could be! Filled with bright graphic illustrations of the shenanigans that the piggies and the other animals bursting from very page, it is perfect for both new babies and wriggly toddlers!

I hope you have found something that the very littlest readers would love! Please keep a look-out for my next list of recommendations which should be tomorrow.

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Happy Christmas Shopping,

Kim and the elves xx

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