We get so many wonderful books to share with you all and I struggle to blog about all the ones I want to share in full detail so I though...

Quick Reviews: Five More New Favourites

Monday, October 29, 2018 BookBairn 9 Comments

We get so many wonderful books to share with you all and I struggle to blog about all the ones I want to share in full detail so I thought I would share another 'Five Quick Reviews' in a mini-review format. 

Angry Cookie by Laura Dockerill & Maria Karipidou

Who knew cookies were so grouchy? And who knew you could fall head over heels for an angry, snippy chocolate chip cookie? When his roommate won't stop playing her recorder, his favourite toothpaste has run out, and his haircut goes all wrong, Cookie finds his anger tricky to cope with. So he kind of loses it. *Deep breaths* But maybe your little readers can find a way to cheer him up? We all know that just being there for a toddler when they are mid-meltdown is just about all you can manage. So when Cookie realises that you, the reader, are still standing by his side, he finds his clouds of anger lifting. I love this story, it makes me laugh out loud. It reminds me of the whims of toddlers, how the most insignificant things can ruin their whole day! A brilliantly unique book that is inventive and hilarious alongside vibrant illustrations, there's only one way to enjoy this book: with a cookie, of course!

My Friend Sleep by Laura Baker & Hannah Peck

When you have kids, you suddenly find yourself talking about sleep a whole lot. How much you are not getting, how often and for how long babies are napping, do they sleep through the night (of course they don't), they finally nap for more than forty minutes and not on top of you or in a moving vehicle, they slept in their big cot, you are still sleep deprived, they sleep all night (finally - meanwhile you were up every three hours to check on them), they are cutting teeth so no one sleeps, please tell me this cycle of sleep obsession ends sometime?! I have read enough about sleep and sleep patterns to boggle my mind. But I've never enjoyed a book about sleep as much as this one. Sleep is the starring character in this brilliant new bedtime story. A little girl and Sleep visit all wonders of places and have all sorts of nighttime adventures in their happy dreams. But when they encounter a monster in a dream, what will happen? Fortunately, Sleep knows just what to do! This is such an imaginative book, with illustrations that will whisk you off into a magical world, as well as helping settle children's fears around sleep and nightmares, this is the best book on sleep you will read! As I type this, both my bairns are softly sleeping in their beds. Long may it last tonight. Zzzzzzzzz

The Way Home for Wolf by Rachel Bright & Jim Field

You probably know that we get a lot of books through the post after three years of blogging, so you can imagine it takes something pretty special to capture BookBairn's attention and become the instant favourite. But I wasn't surprised that this book was such a success with her as the combination of Rachel Bright's wonderful storytelling and perfect rhyme with Jim Field's charming and witty illustrations are a proven winning combination for this little bookworm! This is the story of Wilf, a strong and mighty little wolf, who gets lost and separated on the pack's journey to find a new place to live. All along in the arctic night, Wilf doesn't feel so strong and mighty. With the help of some arctic friends, who appear just when time seems at it's most bleak, Wilf finds his way back to the pack. And learns that sometimes all we need is a friendly hand to guide us! BookBairn loves this and adores the illustrations - particularly those of the Northern Lights skies - and we have read it twice a day since it arrived! A brilliant picture book for any little cubs in your house!

Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon by Jen Campbell & Katie Harnett

We adore the formidable and enchanting team of Franklin and Luna. In the first book, we loved seeing them become friends and setting up their 'Flying Bookshop' showing people that dragons are to be treasured not feared. And now they are back on another adventure and this time they are flying even further! Luna and Franklin love stories and want to visit all the places that they have read about in their books, but despite copious research in their books, they just can't quite figure out where dragons come from. And at 605 years old, Franklin is so old he can't remember either. But longing to be reunited with his family, they know they have to find a way. And that sets them off on their biggest adventure yet! With a lyrical story that will enchant you, and illustrations that will bring that magic to life for readers this is a story that you will want to wrap yourself up in! Perfect autumnal storytime!

The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson & Helen Oxenbury

Surely this is the collaboration of the year? In children's publishing it's hard to believe that there are two bigger icons that Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo and countless other wonderful stories aside, and Helen Oxenbury the talented artist behind We're Going on a Bear Hunt, as well as many other works of picture book art! When Rabbit is confronted by "the giant jumperee" who has taken up home in his burrow, he asks his friends for help. But they are too scared by this mysterious creature to intervene, except for Mummy Frog, of course, who has a sneaking suspicion she has met this 'jumperee' before! With the elements of suspense and a mastery in building anticipation, this is surely a new classic in the making! 

Hope you like this 'quick review' format!

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  1. These all look great but reading your comments about sleep reminds me (and I’ll never forget) about the hours spent pacing the floor in the wee small hours singing Spotty and Dotty like an endless recording. MummyBookBairn, you were an unbelievably bad sleeper!!!!

  2. Great snapshots of a lovely diverse range of books!! Love the look of Angry Cookie! #readwithme

  3. This sounds like a lovely selection of books! I especially like the sound of The Giant Jumperee, which could definitely be one for my little nephews at Christmas.
    And as for sleep... The obsession does stop briefly, probably around the time they start school, then the new frustration starts from the age of around 10. They won't get up in the morning! Throw in the teenagers who never go to bed and the obsession with sleep basically lasts for their entire childhood. Oh, and somewhere along the line, parents lose the ability to sleep altogether. I wake between 4.40 and 4.45 every day!

    1. Hahah!! I long for the days when I can't convince them to get up in the morning!

  4. All these books look great, I'm very tempted to get 'My Friend Sleep' to persuade my two year old it's not something to be avoided! We have 'The Giant Jumperee' and love it, so clever! I get many requests to read it.

    1. Haha! Sleep is such a focus isn't it? And so funny that the Giant Jumperee is on repeat in your house too.

  5. I love the sound of the sleep book and Jumporee. They all look scrumptious though! #readwithme