It's nearly December!! And that means it's time for another book advent countdown! I thought I would pop a quick post on to share...

Advent Book Tree 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 BookBairn 7 Comments

It's nearly December!! And that means it's time for another book advent countdown! I thought I would pop a quick post on to share with you some inspiration and tips if you fancy the idea. I'll share the books I've wrapped up in a blog post on the 1st!

So I'm pretty proud of how gorgeous my 'book tree' looks this year! I saw that irresistible paper in Paperchase and picked it up exactly for this purpose. And I couldn't find last years lights so I picked these little stars up and I like them better anyway.

Ok, so you might think wrapping up 24 books would be time-consuming but it really didn't take that long - books are pretty easy to wrap. But if you don't fancy wrapping them up - you could make it easy by buying a nice gift bag or box and popping a new book inside each day to create the same surprise! Or Catherine at Story Snug has a great idea for an alternative to wrapping 24 books over on her blog (you can find the direct link here).

And I say 'new books' - that sounds pretty expensive, right? But first these books don't have to be new - you could do what I do and hide books when you take down your Christmas decorations and then take them back out again next year. But still that means 24 books. Or maybe not? Last year, I borrowed several from the library and wrapped them - simply renewing them before they were due back or making sure they got unwrapped early in month. But you can't really borrow 24 books so you might have to get some if you only want festive books (alternatively your kids will be just as excited by books they already have because it's all about the surprise!). You could get some cheap book packs from The Book People or The Works or pick them up in charity shops.

If you are look for more inspiration, tomorrow, Claire, from 'PlayHooray', will be sharing her some great #xmasadventbooks that her Instagram followers have been sharing. And we got a little fanmail of our own from the lovely Cassie at 'Mummy on a Budget'.

This really made my day! And if you read what we were up to today (in our previous post) you can see it was a brilliant bookish one!

If you do decide to create a book countdown, I would love to see it so please tag us in your photos!

Happy counting down!
Mummy, BookBairn and The Wee Page Turner xxx


  1. It does look so lovely as a tree. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing what books you unwrap over the coming days.

  2. I still want that paper - the tree looks fab! Our Elf on the Bookshelf will be back, lots of my reviews for our 25 books are already live but I will be sharing on the day we read the book too with an elfie picture, well that's the plan anyway... Hope your book hunt went well today :)

  3. Your advent tree looks brilliant. What a clever idea. I’m sure BookBairn and the Wee Page Turner will have great fun opening them. I hope there’s some good books in there that he can chew on.

    1. Just one or two for chewing! Most for BookBairn really!

  4. I think the Advent Book Tree is gorgeous and quite fancy one for myself