AD: Sponsored Post  Have you ever had a book that you know will stay with you, long after you have closed the last page? 

Away with Words by Sophie Cameron Blog Tour

Thursday, May 11, 2023 BookBairn 3 Comments


AD: Sponsored Post 

Have you ever had a book that you know will stay with you, long after you have closed the last page? 

Away With Words by Sophie Cameron is absolutely one of those books for me. It’s words have left an impression.

And I have phrased that very deliberately, because this is a book about words. About their impressions. Taking an incredibly clever concept of a world where our words are visual, where they literally fall from our mouths in all colours, shapes and sizes, fly through the air and flutter to the floor, collecting at our feet. Would that make you think about words differently? If they were a tangible thing you could actually see? This concept alone has utterly changed the way I think about words.

But the story itself is also about the power of words and communication. Telling the story of Gala, who has moved from Spain to Scotland and her friendship with Natalie, a classmate with selective mutism, this book is a powerful story for anyone who has felt lost or alone.

Gala, without the language to fully express herself, feels lost and along and desperately desperately homesick. Natalie struggles with anxiety, which is particularly heightened at school and has few friends. But they find a way to form a friendship. By becoming word collectors.

They take these words and turn them into poetry which the anonymously deliver to friends and classmates to help, support and uplift them. Until someone else starts delivering poems which have a much nastier tone. Will Natalie and Gala be able to clear their names?

This is a story about words. About identity. About belonging. And about friendship. It’s an incredibly powerful read and would make a brilliant class novel - my teacher brain whirs with ideas! An absolute must read for upper primary school (it’s set at secondary level so would make a great transition text) as well as older readers.

And it’s a book for anyone who can’t quite find the right words sometimes, or who have ever felt misunderstood.

If you want to know more about the author's development and thoughts behind the book lots of the other bloggers on the blog tour have guest posts written by Sophie that are well worth reading.

Thanks to @littletigerbooksfor this wildly fascinating story! 

Happy reading 

Kim x

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  1. Wow! This does sound like a very powerful book. Wonderful concept. Hope it does well.

  2. To be able to touch your words is a great concept. I’d love to have scooped mine up and shoved them back in my mouth on a number of occasions.

  3. What a great concept. Words that can be “seen” coming out our mouths. How many times would we have liked to have scooped them up and swallowed them.