AD: Sponsored Post Often writing a book review poses a conundrum: how to do the most beautiful ones justice? And I have been anticipating ...

The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton

Monday, March 07, 2022 BookBairn 2 Comments

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Often writing a book review poses a conundrum: how to do the most beautiful ones justice? And I have been anticipating this release for some time which always puts the fear that it won't live up to expectations. But this one really has surpassed all my book geek dreams!

The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton really is a beautiful book. In both it’s glorious evocative artwork but also in it’s storytelling.

Nyla loves her home: she can count a hundred stars and even saw a comet once. But when she has to leave her home in the countryside to start a new life in the city, all she can think about is what she missed from before. Until one night she sees a comet fall to earth and a magical tree sprouts. Nyla finds an escape from her new life. But in doing so she finds a way to connect her old and her new.

This book is truly exquisite. With pared-back text, every single word counts but it also makes each visual spread more poignant. And those spreads really are wonder to behold. They literally took my breath away as I gasped with each page turn. The imagery of both the comet and the trees throughout evoke magic for young readers but also allow them to connect deeply with Nyla and her story.

And although this isn’t specifically about displaced persons, and is more about moving house and finding ‘home’ in new surroundings, it seems all the more poignant at the moment. And I hope that even in harsh circumstances, people can find a sense of belonging like Nyla.

Every inch of this book as been carefully thought out and considered from the textured cover with foil writing, to the endpapers and the spread of the city apartment block which features detailing the insides of all the apartments. I would love to live in the apartment on the top floor - pictured below. It’s truly a wonder.

Hope you enjoy the wonders of this book, and do remember to look up from it's pages in case you spot a comet! Happy reading,

Kim x

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