I always worry about doing Christmas gift guides or sharing Christmas books in November as it just seems too early . But truth be tol...

Books for Preschoolers Christmas Gift Guide

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 BookBairn 1 Comments

I always worry about doing Christmas gift guides or sharing Christmas books in November as it just seems too early. But truth be told, I have already done most of my Christmas shopping already so I am probably late to the game for some people. But it's never too late to add and extra gift to that bundle! Especially if it's a book! Now if you came here looking for festive reads, I should say they will be up next week, because I personally don't usually give a Christmas book as a Christmas gift. My feeling is that by Christmas day it's too late! So I wanted to recommend books that you can enjoy all year round. I also try to pick new (or at least new-to-us) books to recommend as these are more likely to be books that you won't already have. If you want more suggestions, my guides from the previous two years are still full of recommendations that we still love and read regularly! You can find them all here: GIFT GUIDES

Anyway, enough spraffing from me...

This is selection of five of BookBairn's favourite books making them perfect for preschool aged children (about 4-7 roughly) but younger and older kids might enjoy these two so check them out first as you know your little readers best!

Nell & the Circus of Dreams by Nell Gifford & Briony May Smith

The story of the little girl called Nell, who goes a-wandering one day through the fields behind her farmhouse, only to discover a circus had me completely enthralled. It was like someone weaving magic and casting a spell on me as I listened. A story that really draws you in. I adore Briony May Smith’s illustrations (Stardust is another favourite book of mine) and I knew straight away that Nell’s world was somewhere I wanted to visit. Each page is so stunning and the use of light and shade in the illustrations is so delicate that it feels like you are in the room. The warm shades of the lights and the whole cast of characters are so evocative of a circus it feels like you are inside the big top. And to top it all off, the story has a magical and ambiguous quality to it. Was the circus real, or did it spring from Nell’s imagination? Magical. And would make a wonderful gift.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

The latest book in The Questioneers series continues to celebrate little heroines that children can look up to. Along with Rosie Revere, Ada Twist and Iggy Peck, new classmate Sofia Valdez is out to leave her mark by following her dreams. When Sofia's abuelo hurts his ankle at the local landfill sight on their journey to school, Sofia decides to take on 'Mount Trashmore'. She gets the idea to turn the dangerous and disgusting pile of trash into a park! She brainstorms and plans but when she goes to City Hall she finds that she is moved from office to office until she is finally told by a clerk that she can't build a park because she is just a kid! But with the help of her friends, classmates and neighbours, Sofia sets out to prove that one kid can move mountains (trash ones at least) and do something to make a difference. Written in rhyming verse, giving brilliant pacing and momentum to the story these books and with mixed media illustrations, this newest release is a delight and captures the magic of what it is like to be little and to imagine and to create. They really are perfect inspirational stories for children about pursuing their own passions. And are perfect gifts for younger readers. (This one isn't published until 26th November.)

Search the Castle by Jill Howarth

You're never too old for a lift-the-flap book and this lovely one is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers alike! BookBairn loves exploring the greta multitude of flaps in the story! In Search the Castle, the royal crown has gone missing and it's your little readers' job to solve the mystery. First you open the double doors to enter the castle and lift the flaps to uncover the splendid secrets waiting in every chamber of the castle. With lots of exciting things hiding under the flaps there is so much to chat about but it's also a nice book for children to read by themselves by exploring independently and talking about all the things they can find. Perfect for little princesses in particular!

Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairytales by Jen Campbell & Katire Harnett

We adore the formidable and enchanting team of Franklin and Luna. In the first book, we loved seeing them become friends and setting up their 'Flying Bookshop' showing people that dragons are to be treasured not feared. And then on their adventure to find Franklin's dragon family in the sequel. In this third instalment, Luna takes Franklin birthday book shopping. In a mysterious bookshop, they find a padlocked book of fairy tales, which the bookseller tells them is full of dangerous magic. But when Luna's pet tortoise picks them lock and falls inside, Franklin and Luna dive in after him to come to his rescue. Inside they find cobwebbed forests and meet dusty fairy tale characters who have been trapped inside these pages for hundred of years. It seems more than the tortoise is needing rescued! But will Franklin and Luna prevail? With a lyrical story that will enchant you, and illustrations that will bring that magic to life for readers this is a story that you will want to wrap yourself up in! And Luna and Franklin are characters that will enter your hearts! 

Isadora Moon Puts on a Show by Harriet Muncaster

Isadora Moon is one of our favourite characters that we have met this year and really we would recommend any of the books as a gift. She’s half-fairy and half-vampire little girl who has lots of fun adventures with her little pink rabbit sidekick. BookBairn chose this one as her favourite of the ones that we own (we borrow from the library regularly too!). It tells the story of the time Isadora was asked to participate in the vampire show and she struggles to choose what talent to share. Deep at heart she's a ballerina but vampires don't like ballet and she's scared to be her true self in case they don't like it. When she meets a fellow half-vampire half-human friend, she realises that with a bit of confidence and a friend at your side you can take the stage by storm! These illustrated chapter books are the perfect first read aloud for preschoolers who will love Isadora’s adventurous spirit and quiet playfulness. The illustrations are a mix of black, white and shades of pink and are so engaging they really bring the characters to life. But basically for any little readers ready for a longer adventure these books are just so fun.

I hope you have found something that your preschoolers would love! Please keep a look-out for my next list of recommendations which should be tomorrow.

And if you want any specific recommendations please feel free to get in touch! All our social media links are in the header at the top of the blog - or you can just search 'bookbairn' to find us!

I have also added this list to my Amazon shops so you can find the links easily, just click on the section for Preschoolers.


Happy Christmas Shopping,

Kim and the elves xx

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  1. More great books for Christmas. Isadora Moon is fab. I loved it when BookBairn was dressed up as Isadora at Halloween.