We are a little late this month with our ' Little Feminist Book Club ' post - my apologies - April seemed to just disappear! And ...

Little Feminist Book Club - She's Not a Good For Girl, She's Just Good

Monday, May 07, 2018 BookBairn 3 Comments

We are a little late this month with our 'Little Feminist Book Club' post - my apologies - April seemed to just disappear! And I didn't plan a Twitter chat this month as I knew we were going to be super busy with birthdays! Anyway... this month we have been reading a book that was highly recommended to us when we first mentioned sharing books for raising mighty girls by several followers. So when the author reached out to us too - I just couldn't say no!

'She's Not Good for a Girl, She's Just Good!' by Suzanne Hemming and illustrated by Jacquie Hughes is our most definitive feminist picture book to date as it quite openly challenges gender stereotypes. It is the story of a little girl called Florence who loves sports and ever since a very young age has had an excellent throwing arm. Not knowing any different, as her parents raised her with pride in her athletic abilities, Florence is dumbfounded when a little boy, called Frank, declares that girls can't throw. So she challenges him to a sporting duel of a running race and a throwing competition and throws into disarray all that Frank thought he knew about girls' sporting ability. And when a spectator declares "I suppose she's good for a girl", Frank jumps to defend his new friend proving that he has learned that boys and girls are both equal winners and that "she's just good!"

It's written in rhyming prose making it a lovely story to read aloud and the illustrations star expressive characters that you will just fall in love with.

So many of the books we have read so far as part of the Little Feminist Book Club have had feminist undertones or shared stories of real-life mighty women but this book actually outwardly address gender equality. And it does it so well. It's not preachy or pious, not obstinate or brassy but it shows a headstrong young girl who doesn't believe she is weaker, slower or less-skilled just because she's a girl. I also love that it teaches our boys about gender equality as we want them to grow into men for whom gender equality is just an accepted normality. A great book for empowering both our girls and our boys!

In May we will be reading books from the 'Little People Big Dreams' series and I will be hosting a Twitter chat about this awesome series on Sunday 27th May at 8pm - you'll find it under the hashtag #littlefeministbookclub

Happy Reading,
The Little Feminist Book Club x

Little Feminist Book Club
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Disclaimer: This book was sent to us by the author free for review purposes after she heard about our Little Feminist Book Club. Words and opinions are, as always, our own.


  1. She’s not just good, she’s great.

  2. Good for little girls and boys.

    1. Perfect - I love that the little boy supports his friend!