BookBairn is an exceptionally lucky little lady. She has a truly talented Grandma who can knit just about any pattern she desires. (Amongs...

Throwback Thursday - Knitting

Thursday, December 22, 2016 BookBairn 4 Comments

BookBairn is an exceptionally lucky little lady. She has a truly talented Grandma who can knit just about any pattern she desires. (Amongst a collection of knitting aunties, and nearly-Grandmas too.) Over the last two years we have received some truly exceptional knits. From soft toys, to hats, to snoods, to the most beautiful cardigans and jackets, little miss is often dressed in bespoke, one of a kind, made with love outfits! Here are some of our favourites below...
This though, is one of my favourite photographs. One the left is little me. On the right is little BookBairn. In the same pattern bobble jacket, 30 years apart. Grandma BookBairn has only knitted a handful of these beauties and I love that BookBairn and I both had the same one.
In recent months, I have been collecting picture books that feature knitting characters in order to pay tribute to our favourite knitter. (And also to keep her on our good side for knitting for BookBump's arrival in April - not that she needs much encouragement - she's already got a mountain of blue wool, yes. blue! It's a boy!). Here are four of my favourites...
''I'm a Very Clever Cat' by Kasia Matyjaszek tells the story of Stockton who is a self-proclaimed 'very clever cat'. He can play violin, paint, juggle, do ballet and he can knit, of course. He is knitting himself a luminscent pink scarf and the thread of wool runs throughout the pages of the book. Until he gets the wool in a tangle! Fortunately, he has some very clever friends to help him out. This is a sweet and simple story that BookBairn loves. We love the fact that the text isn't too long (she still doesn't like stories where she has to wait very long to turn the page. But mostly I love the bright pink ball of wool that whirls and swirls across each page. So colourful - it really stands out! What do you think about neon pink knitting wool, G'ma?

'Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat' by Emily MacKenzie is another feline knitter! Stanley loves to knit gifts for all his animal friends: balaclavas for bunnies, nick warmers for giraffes, trunk tubes for elephants, and plenty of jumpers, socks and onesies for the rest of his friends. But one day, the day before the knitting competition, he runs out of wool for his big project. Oh no! He has to unravel all his knitted gifts, much to his friends dismay, but what could possibly require so much wool? What is his competition entry? I'll not give it (up up and) away but I will say his friends love his knitted project so much that they don't mind their missing woolies. This is such a bright and colourful book that is packed full with fascinating illustrations that you could spend lots and lots of time looking at and chatting about with little ones. And I just love Stanley! I reckon G'ma would love to steal some of his patterns!

If you like knitting kitties you should also check out 'Let's Talk Picture Book's review of Cat Knit by Jacob Grant, which Mel describes as "well-designed from cover to cover, with beautiful endpapers and a perfect book case featuring Cat's sweater pattern." 

Now when you think of animals associated with wool, you think sheep! Which is one of the reasons why I love 'A Knit and a Knot' by Amanda Brandon and Catalina Echeverri. I also love that it features Granny Mutton teaching her grandson how to knit (now G'ma no mutton dressed as lambs implications here, ok? It's just a clever pun!). But their ball of wool mysteriously disappears. They have to chase it across the farm, encountering some dangerous situations to try and get their wool back. But eventually they find the thief and it's a cute little mouse who just wants to make his siblings bed cosier. So when Pipsqueak returns the wool, Granny makes him and his little mice friends little patchwork quilts. Such a sweet story!! And some incredibly cute characters that you can't help but love!

How amazing is this blanket, knitted by
BookBairn's aunt? She's so clever!
But the magical story of 'Extra Yarn' by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen is a modern fairytale of Annabelle who finds a box filled with yarn of every colour. And it seems to be never ending, she has enough wool to knit gifts for all the people in her town, and all the animals, and she even makes jumpers for things that didn't wear jumpers like mailboxes and buildings. News spread of the remarkable girl who never runs out of wool and an archduke, who was very fond of clothes, came to meet Annabelle and makes her an offer for her box of yarn but she refuses. So he hires some robbers to steal the box and they sail off to his castle, but when he opens the box, he finds it empty! He throws it out of the window and it floats home to Annabelle. It truly is a magical tale! And Jon Klassen's illustration are absolutely breathtaking!

For all those kind knitters who have created something special for BookBairn, thank you so much! She gets so many compliments on her hand-knitted clothes and it's lovely she has something unique to wear that someone has made with love! So Thank You!

And G'ma - get knitting with blue wool! Little BookBump will need an equally impressive wardrobe!

Love Mummy and BookBairn xx

*DISCLAIMER* We were sent copies of I am a Very Clever Cat and A Knot and a Knit for their publishers and we borrowed Extra Yarn and Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat from out local library.

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  1. You're just encouraging me to spend more money in the wool shop!

  2. GMaBookBairn needs no encouragement to spend money anywhere. She manages quite well on her own. I like the idea in The Very Clever Cat of the thread of wool running throughout the book.....and don't worry - the production line for BookBump is well under way.

    1. Glad to hear that! I've been sorting out some of BookBairn's old clothes and got the teddy bear blanket all looked out again! xx