Excuse the post-nap hair but she wouldn't let me brush it whilst there was more fun to be had! In the run up to Christmas you have p...

Not Quite a Book - The Doll's House

Monday, December 19, 2016 BookBairn 2 Comments

Excuse the post-nap hair but she wouldn't let me brush it whilst there was more fun to be had!
In the run up to Christmas you have probably seen children's gift guides everywhere. I've decided not to do that, if you follow the blog you will know that we only share our favourite books so any of them would be great recommendations fro Christmas. And if you want BookBairn's top choices you can see them on our Favourites Shelf feature. But I couldn't help but share this lovely non-book book with you in the run-up to Christmas.

'The Doll's House' by Annu Kilpelainen is a 3D fold-out 'book' that creates a doll's house that little ones can really play with. BookBairn has a beautiful doll's house gifted to her by her great-grandfather that is reminiscent of Pemberley (from Pride and Prejudice) and it is a traditional, old-fashioned, large home for her Sylvanian families. However, it's so big that I've tucked it in a nook under the stairs meaning when she wants to play 'mimis' (I don't know where she came up with this word for her Sylvanian characters) we both have to sit on the floor under the stairs. So I was delighted with this modern pop-up portable home that can be played with anywhere. We moved the mimis into their holiday home and she delightedly played for nearly an hour all by herself! For those of you with toddlers you will know what bliss it was to have a hot cup of tea whilst your little ones entertain themselves.
Bold, bright and vibrant this Doll's House couldn't be the opposite to our other home. It is brilliant! Lots and lots of illustrative detail that children older than BookBairn will adore pouring over. We moved some furniture from our doll's house to give BookBairn plenty to play with and our only criticism is that this house has a garage but no bathroom. Probably not a problem to older children but BookBairn likes to play with her 'Pando' in and out of the toy bath. The style of the house is very modern, and having recently discovered that you can get doll's furniture from Ikea, I think they would make the perfect gift combination!

As I say, we only share what we love. And we love this! It's a great gift for little ones!

I've finished all my shopping and wrapping today so feeling a huge sense of festive achievement. Happy Christmas shopping everyone!

Love Mummy, BookBairn and the mimis! xx

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  1. What a fantastic holiday house for Pando and the other mimis. It's great to see BookBairn playing on her own even if Pando did only get 10 seconds of sleep. Loved that bit in the video.

    1. I know, poor Pando! He's definitely the favourite so never gets much rest!