I love it when I get to the new books in the library before anyone else has borrowed them. It's the equivalent of coming first in a ra...

Peekaboo: Brand New Shiny Books

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 BookBairn 5 Comments

I love it when I get to the new books in the library before anyone else has borrowed them. It's the equivalent of coming first in a race for me (I've never come first in a race!). And this feeling of winning is doubled when it's a children's book because you know that nobody has chewed it or ripped the flaps or got their grubby paws on it. Win. And our library seems to have got quite a few new board books in recently - they must have had a book splurge. Thank you!

I had spotted this collection of books by Cocoretto (an illustrating team) popping up on my social media feeds recently and put it on my 'to read' (i.e. hunt down) list. But then I found one in the library and put in a request for the others (I love that we can request from other libraries too - it means a much better selection and saves you the time going to lots of different places to get the books that you want) and the librarians worked their magic and got them to us swiftly.

This new(ish) series of Peekaboo books are perfect for little readers especially those who love to lift-the-flaps, and let's face it there aren't many children under the age of five (ok, I'm thirty-one and I still like a wee surprise, if only grown-up books were as fun!) who don't love to lift-the-flaps. There are four books in the series 'Peekaboo!" each with a different setting: on the farm, in the snow, in the ocean and in the jungle. Each book features five different animals, each with their paws/wings/flippers/hooves over their eyes and the phrase "peekaboo, who's there?" I can imagine BookBairn joining in with this phrase as we read along when she is a little wordier! But even now, she enjoys guessing which animal is playing peekaboo with her and then lifting the oversized flaps to reveal the creature. Each 'reveal' page is accompanied by a short sentence describing what the animals are doing such as "dolphin splashing" or "frog croaking".

The bright and bold illustrations are delightful and perfect for little readers, especially babies whose eyesight is still developing and prefer high contrast books. The animals are set against bold colours with very little details in the scene-setting: a lilypad or branch and a few squiggles and bubbles to show underwater scenes. This means that little eyes can focus on the star of the show: the animal playing peekaboo! All the animals are charming and child-friendly with their huge grins and inviting smiles. These books would make a great introduction to animals and their habitats for little ones.

The books themselves are super-sturdy with strong flaps making them very durable (perfect for the library with all those little hands sharing them!).

Fellow local library borrowers: we have returned these books in perfect condition so if you want to feel like winning too, pop down and pick up these prize books before someone takes a bite out of them!

Let's hope there's another shiny new book-gem waiting for us next time we visit the library! Win.

Mummy and BookBairn xx


  1. Great shout-out for library services - thank you happy Mummy and BookBairn

  2. These books look great and by the way, MummyBookBairn, you also won the races on Elie Beach. "Speed of the Puma! Puma!"

    1. BookBairn was certainly practising her puma-speed on the East Sands yesterday!