AD: Sponsored Post  The bairns are back to school and I’ve got the perfect kids books to get them inspired for the year of learning ahead! 

Inspiring Back 2 School Books with Books2Door

Monday, September 25, 2023 BookBairn 1 Comments

AD: Sponsored Post 

The bairns are back to school and I’ve got the perfect kids books to get them inspired for the year of learning ahead! 

Starting off the school year with the right inspirations sets the tone for the year ahead, and this year we are aiming BIG! BIG Dreams in fact!

Long term followers will know that I love the Little People Big Dreams by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vergara and we have a full rainbow of the most incredible characters, which is why I couldn’t resist this amazing duo of boxsets to donate to our school library project.  

For those of you that don’t know, this series introduces young readers to the lives of outstanding people from artists to scientists, musicians and athletes, writers and  politicians to name a few. While all of these people went on to achieve incredible things, each of them began life as a child with a dream. 

And that’s what this amazing series focuses on: how the child with a dream became an inspiration to people around the world. The books are expertly researched and written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vergara and each book has a different illustrator bringing fresh and engaging artwork to each story. I cannot express how we love this series! There's a book for everyone.

The kids book fans amongst you will notice that these are not the regular colours of the individually sold books. That’s because these were part of a box set duo that I picked up from Books2Door for a bargain at £35 for 10 books! And I adore the pastel colour palette - they will look beautiful shelved together in our school library.

But the other thing that I want to inspire in my children this year is to READ. QUESTION. THINK. which just so happens to be the motto for The Questioneers crew! Again, this is another series that we adore (and will be donating these copies to the library project). As long time fans of The Questioneers by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts, we have loved seeing the team grow, their friendships develop and their inquisitive minds solving conundrums and problems in both their own backyards, classrooms as well as the wider community. 

So if, like us, you read and loved the picture books, then it’s definitely time to grab this box set of the first four early chapter books (also a Books2Door bargain at £25). Perfect as a read-aloud but also great for newly independent readers, the books really excel in sharing that success is often preceded by failure, or many many failures, and that it is with belief and confidence that we persevere to find the right solution. They really show that we can achieve almost anything if we put our minds to it. And we might achieve even more if we ask for the help of a friend or two! Just brilliant! And we LOVE them!

A perfect pairing (if I do say so myself) to start of the school year right! I also have a £5 off coupon for new customers when you spend £30 just CLICK HERE

Hope that sets you off to an inspirational start to the school year!

Kim and two inspired bairns x

Disclaimer: This is a paid AD from Books2Door and I selected these box sets from their wide collection for review. This post contains links to their website which I included as part of said agreement. (Though I would have directed you to their site anyway because the book bargains are fabulous!). All the books will be donated after this work is completed to our school library project

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  1. What a great set of inspirational people - Papa C