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Grow Tree Grow by Dom Conlon & Anastasia Izlesou (Wild Wanderers Series)

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 BookBairn 2 Comments

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Two years ago I discovered a lyrical picture book - Leap Hare Leap - that we adore which beautifully combines nature, poetry and artwork! 

And I’m excited to see that the Wild Wanderers series has grown and has plans to grow even more in future! 

Grow Tree Grow by Dom Conlon & Anastasia Izlesou is the latest and most unique in the series as it focuses on the passage of time rather than movement through space (although I suppose the Star one takes on both as the sun moves across the sky throughout the day).

In Grow Tree Grow, readers are invited to watch Oak grow taller each year beginning from a tiny sapling amongst fallen acorns to a towering goliath which is home to hundreds of species from the smallest insects to mammals and birds right up until the great oak falls and decays becoming a vital habitat of a different kind.


I have a deep affection and respect for these towering giants which provide so much shelter for wildlife (just read The Overstory and you’ll see why!) so this beautiful ode to nature’s sanctuaries really knocks on my heartwood and pulls my heartstrings. The artwork throughout is visually striking, breath taking and poetry itself which really capture a feeling of movement in a way that no other picture book can.

The poetry throughout tells the magical story of the lifespan of the Oak gently and whimsically really celebrating the majesty of the mighty Oak and the rich forest of trees. I love that it uses language that is no longer commonplace and reading this has made me determined to regain some words I knew immediately when I read but rarely use so it’s given me a gift too.

There is also a fantastic double-page spread of Tree Facts that are a fantastic starting point for readers who are inspired to learn more.

BookBairn particularly adores Leap Hare Leap and uses it regularly as part of her small world play when she's in need of the perfect nature backdrop - I love that she uses the books this way and it shows her appreciation for the artwork.

Other titles in the series currently available:

Leap Hare Leap

Swim Shark Swim

Blow Wind Blow

Shine Star Shine

This new release has made me so excited for the future titles of the series especially Stomp Elephant Stomp and Bloom Flower Bloom. This author and illustrator pairing create picture book magic!

Thanks to Graffeg publishing for sending us this amazing set!

Happy nature reading!
Kim and the bairns

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  1. This looks great. I love a walk in the woods and looking at all the different trees.