One of the most exciting things about World Book Day is that all children in the UK get given a £1 book token that they can use to spen...

World Book Day 2019 Books

Thursday, March 07, 2019 BookBairn 6 Comments

One of the most exciting things about World Book Day is that all children in the UK get given a £1 book token that they can use to spend on the book of their choice or they can use to buy on of the special edition 'Free Books' produced exclusively for World Book Day. With their £1 book token in hand children will be able to exchange it for one of these twelve wonders. There are books for all ages written by authors that you will already know and love and the picture books are illustrated by some of our very favourites.

When we stumbled across the books a couple of days early I picked up all three picture books aimed at the youngest readers, because they will be the ones we read and love! And we will save BookBairn's £1 token to put towards another book (though do make sure you spend it before the end of March when they expire!). So I thought I would review these little books for you to help you choose which one to spend your book token on!

Ten Little Bookworms by Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty 

You are probably quite familiar with this series already! We certainly have Ten Little Dinosaurs already and have borrowed others in the series numerous times - Ten Little Princesses being BookBairn's favourite. Until this one came along of course! In this new book, ten little bookworms set off on an amazing reading adventure. They wiggle through all different books and meet all sorts of characters along the way: dinosaurs, pirates, fairy tale characters. Starting with ten bookworms, and losing one on each page - the numbers count down as the story progresses. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and you might spot some familiar faces when you read. It's also written in rhyme and is wonderful to read aloud! And the theme of making friends with books is just a delight! And perfect for World Book Day. 

Cruella and Cadpig (The Hundred and One Dalmatians) by Peter Bently & Steven Lenton

We already love this duo's version of The Hundred and One Dalmatians and BookBairn enjoys reading them every single night at the moment. It's a brilliant introduction to the story. And this new book takes one of our favourite characters, Cadpig, and one of our most-dreaded, Cruella De Vil. In this story, Cadpig is playing hide-and-seek in the park with her many many brothers and sisters when she runs a little too far and stumbles into the path of the evil Cruelle de Vil! Can she find her escape? With wit and humour, this is a fabulous little story! The illustrations are truly wonderful - bright and colourful - and there's a really tiny ladybird hidden on every page too just incase your little ones don't have enough to look at!! This one is getting packed in our flight bag - it may be dinky but it packs a whole lot of story into it's little format!

Claude: Best in Show by Alex T. Smith

Claude is a character we have met once or twice. BookBairn has read the first story in one of the chapter books and really enjoyed it but it was still quite long for her. I think we will be almost ready to broach them again. And this book might well be the way back in. It's lengthier than the other two picture books and has less illustrations as it is aimed at children who are ready for a little more than a picture book but not quite a chapter book. Claude is a small, plump dog who likes wearing a beret and a lovely red jumper and his best friend is Sir Bobblysock. And every day when his owners go to work, Claude and Sir Bobblysock get ready to have an adventure. And in this book they are off to The Great Waggy Avenue Dog Show -a nd there are medals galore to be won! With lots of fun and humour and characters that will charm you this is marvellous. And if you have a reluctant reader this might be a good one as there is now a Disney Junior series starring this wonder-pup! 

So there you have the three wonderful £1 books aimed at the youngest readers. Which one will you choose?

This year the World Book Day campaign is focussed on 'Share a Story' so make sure above all things this World Book Day that you share a story with your children today. One that you love and one that brings your family together.

Happy World Book Day!
Kim and BookBairn xx

Also, having consulted the World Book Day website, I learned that The £1 books are also available in braille, large print & audio via Guide Dogs and RNIB. For braille and audio call 0303 123 9999 and for large print call 0118 9838275. Isn't that great?!

I will not be linking to these on Amazon Affiliates as I usually do as you should take that gift token to your local bookshop and spend it there! It's a good time to show them your support!

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  1. I can’t believe you can buy each of these books for £1 each. Amazing value. I particularly like the look of Ten Little Bookworms. I’m joining BookBairn and the Wee Page Turner for World Book Day. Enjoy yours. I know I’ll enjoy mine.

  2. They always seem to come up with some great little books for world book day each year and these look no exception #readwithme

  3. Such a hard choice but I think we would choose Claude - we're huge fans of Alex T. Smith :)


  4. I love the focus on share a story this year, I hope more people take the time to do just that and with books like these there's no reason not to do it! #readwithme

  5. I love the World Book Day £1 books! We discovered Tom Gates probably six years ago thanks to a World Book Day book. My daughter has her voucher and I think she will put it towards a book rather than get one of the special ones, although we should check if any of the books for older readers would interest her.

  6. My two chose the Lego book and the Claude one, I was tempted to buy the Ten Little Bookworms for myself as I love that series. I didn't know about the Braille and audio versions, that's fantastic! #Readwithme