What a wonderful April we have had: family to visit, Easter eggs and most importantly celebrating The Wee Page Turner turning one! I ...

Little Loves - April

Monday, April 30, 2018 BookBairn 2 Comments

What a wonderful April we have had: family to visit, Easter eggs and most importantly celebrating The Wee Page Turner turning one! I can't believe he is one. A whole year since he was born and it has passed so quickly, I'm now savouring the baby moments as he turns from baby to toddler! And we still have my birthday tomorrow! So more cake. It has been a month of cakes and chocolate.

So that's been our month and here are some of the little loves we have been enjoying.

The book I have read the most this month with BookBairn is "Mrs Mole, I'm Home" by Jarvis. We picked it up in the library and have pretty much read it every day since. She loves Morris and his escapade to find his way home without his glasses to help him see where he is digging. She finds it so funny that his glasses are balanced on his head throughout the story (perhaps this reminds her of her Papa who is constantly laying his glasses down and asking her to remember where they are?). The illustrations are packed full of fun details and BookBairn particularly enjoys spotting all the books in the owl residence (one of them has her name on it) and tracing the maps of where Morris has been digging. It's a lovely story packed full of humour and I have enjoyed reading it every day for a month so it's got to be pretty good to keep our attention that long.

Today we traveled to Edinburgh to see the stage show of What the Ladybird Heard. I was incredibly nervous about taking both kids to the theatre as I had no idea whether they would sit still and enjoy it. But they loved it! They were both absolutely enthralled. The show was wonderful. Clearly aimed at preschoolers the staging was really clever with the actors creating the animals out of discarded farm equipment and wheeling them around the stage as well as using a couple of puppets to bring to life the story. The songs and music had The Wee Page Turner absolutely entranced and he clearly really enjoyed it. Encouraging the children to interact and join in parts of the story, but without becoming a pantomime, the actors did a great job of engaging with the audience. The star of the show for BookBairn was the little ladybird who fluttered across the stage with a clever use of lights. I was also really impressed that the production took a five minute story book and turned it into a whole hour of quality entertainment. A wonderful family day out.  BookBairn had a look of joy on her face throughout and that's what it's all about.

BookBairn has been wearing the cutest dinosaur dress this month that her Grandma bought for her. I love the bold colours and that dinosaurs are cool for girls too!

Outside! Thank you for the sunshine. We have been playing on our swing and slide set in the garden and The Wee Page Turner has loved playing in the ball pool in the sunshine. We have also played a lot at our local parks. I just love it when the weather is warm enough and dry enough to play outside.

We got our first ever subscription box from the team at KidArtLit, which I will be reviewing at a later date but one of the best things about it was that it had packed a ready set go art activity which was exactly as it said on the tin. We opened the box and BookBairn didn't even look at the book as she was straight into the rainbow ribbon activity. All the bits were ready and organised and we were set to make. Very simply we tied the ribbons on to a hoop and off she sped around the garden with a trail of rainbow ribbons behind her. She loved them. And even better, the box comes with activities enough for two children (or for one child to make twice!) so we could make one for The Wee Page Turner too. We then danced around the living room until bedtime with them! As I say, I'll be reviewing the box shortly so keep an eye out for more about what was inside! But if you're already convinced to buy a box, you can find it using this affiliate link (I receive a small commission but it costs you no more than normal).

You probably know from reading the blog before that  we really enjoy listening to audiobooks in the car, and having recently got an Audible membership, I have discovered they have some really good deals on children's audiobooks. And we got a whole lot of books by Oliver Jeffers for just £1.74 each! When you think that a children's magazine costs £3.99 and up that seems like great value to me for a couple of audiobooks. Obviously, they are short as they are his picture books read aloud but they are the ones that BookBairn knows so they make the most sense to listen to. And you know that BookBairn's favourite book is 'The Penguin and the Boy' (Lost and Found) so it's been wonderful to listen to more of his stories!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday off being Mummy for an early birthday day out with my mum. We went to the cinema see The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I recently re-read this month and I loved! The book is truly wonderful and had me laughing out loud and weeping in equal measure. As did the film. There were some variations from the book, which is understandable due to the time constraints, but I thought it was a particularly good adaption especially when you consider that the whole book is written in letter format. The acting was brilliant, the scenery breath-taking and the whole experience left me feeling uplifted. We then had a lovely lunch and did a bit of birthday shopping which made me feel good as I haven't quite shrunk back to my pre-baby size and it's nice to have some lovely new clothes that will be more flattering because they fit better. And the kids had a brilliant day with their daddy which is nice as he doesn't often have both of them all to himself! 

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about the things we loved this month, I've enjoyed reflecting back on such a wonderful month of fabulous fun and family celebrations. 

Hope you had a lovely April
Mummy and the bairns xx

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  1. What a great Month.

    Golf Monthly and The I’ve Princess by Camilla L√§ckberg.

    My bets win in The Masters and The Grand National.

    My new golf shoes for the first time.

    A wee bit better this month.

    Some more nice meals.

    The Wee Page Turner say “Papa”.

    and Lastly
    Fixed the tiles back on MummyBookBairn’s kitchen!