Well, the Wee Page Turner is beginning to show an interest in more than just milk, sleep and cuddles! So of course that means books! We h...

Amazing Baby Books

Saturday, October 14, 2017 BookBairn 4 Comments

Well, the Wee Page Turner is beginning to show an interest in more than just milk, sleep and cuddles! So of course that means books! We have lots of books on bookshelves and on display that BookBairn can reach but I think it's important that the books for The Wee Page Turner are right there ready for him to grasp. So I'm going to set up a little basket of books for him beside his play mat so that he can easily reach them. And some of the books I definitely want to include are the newly updated 'Amazing Baby' books by Beth Harwood and (one of our favourite illustrators) Emma Dodd.

We were recently sent two of these great books and The Wee Page Turner took to playing with them instantly. 'Hide and Seek' is the story of a little fluffy (you can feel his tummy) pink bunny who is hiding from baby. As you turn each page there is a flap to lift to discover if bunny is hiding underneath. You won't be surprised that there are lots of false alarms until the final page when bunny reappears. So cleverly put together the page with the text is colourful and uses a pattern that will attract little readers eyes. But ingeniously, under most of the flaps there is a black-and-white high-contrast pattern that little ones will love! And little fingers will love to explore the fluffy bunny on the cover and final pages.

'Squeak, Squeak' is a story about someone who makes a squeaking sound - who could it be? Duck? Sheep? Or maybe mouse? There is a pink squeaker at the back of the book and you can press the button to hear that delightful little squeaking sound as you ask the question "Who goes squeak, squeak?" And revealed on the following pages and through a cut-out is an animal who makes a familiar sound. But is it a squeak? With bright colours and simple lines, this book is a great introduction to animals and the noises they make for tiny booklovers. This one, in my opinion, has a few wasted pages in it that repeatedly asks the question "Who goes squeak, squeak?" and I would have loved more animals. But it's still a great book!

Both books are perfect for little hands - and not too heavy - as you can see from the photos. The Wee Page Turner is certainly capable of turning their pages (though he needs support not to fall over as he hasn't quite learned to balance whilst sitting yet)! They are both bright and bold, with either touch and feel or sound elements, but mostly they are great for encouraging interactive play and engaging with your baby. What a great way to introduce your baby to everyday sights and sounds! There are also two other books in the series that have similar interactive elements and the great design and illustrations across the series.

The Wee Page Turner would highly recommend these to little bookworms and for reading with grown ups as they will be forced to make silly sounds for your reading pleasure!

Happy reading! Squeak (see I'm still at it!)
Mummy and The Wee Page Turner

They are also pretty tasty!

*DISCLAIMER* I was given our book for free for review purposes, however, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Amazing baby books for an amazing baby (maybe I'm a little bit biased). I'm sure the Wee Page Turner will love books like BookBairn and MummyBookBairn.

    1. I agree he's an amazing baby! He's bound to be a bookworm!

  2. Nice to see The Wee Page Turner is gathering his own collection