At the beginning of the year, Mummy and BookBairn Book Group , sharing stories with a similar theme, plot or character and enjoying the id...

Mummy and BookBairn Book Group - Jack Frost

Monday, March 13, 2017 BookBairn 4 Comments

At the beginning of the year, Mummy and BookBairn Book Group, sharing stories with a similar theme, plot or character and enjoying the idea that we were both reading books along similar lines. For all the reading is often a solitary past time, it can be incredibly social too and for children it mostly is. They enjoy reading with others and discussing the pictures and the characters. I like to discuss the books I've read too, hence why I share our reviews on this blog!
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This month we have both been reading books starring the character of Jack Frost! As part of my online #kidlitreaders book group, we have been reading 'A Girl Called Owl' by Amy Wilson. This is a fantasy novel aimed at 7-12 (so-called Middle Grade readers) about a girl called Owl who finds out that the missing father-figure in her life is actually the seasonal imp Jack Frost. She then sets out on an adventure to find him and spend time with her father to understand some of the magical things that are happening to her. Of course, she comes across a few other interesting characters along the way and realises that the elements of nature might not be as well-balanced as she thought. I enjoyed parts of the story but ultimately I found it a bit to fantastical for me. I'm still looking forward to discussing this one with the other kidlitreaders as they often persuade me to change my opinions through our discussions. If you would like to join in the chat click here for details. Perhaps a better book group link with your little one would by 'The Snow Child' by Eowyn Ivey: I adored this book and it has the same magical elements of the story (though no Jack Frost).

BookBairn has been reading a book by one of our favourite illustrators, Kazuno Kohara. We have read several of her books, including 'The Haunted House' which we reviewed here. But 'Here Comes Jack Frost' is even better! Featuring primarily blue and white illustrations this book is a beautiful image of a frosty day. It tells the story of a lonely boy who fed up without his friends who are hibernating becomes fascinated by the strange patterns on the window. Racing outside, he meets the white figure who is busy covering his house with frost and ice. The figure introduces himself as Jack Frost and then runs off into the woods, the boy chasing behind him. Jack and the boy skate, and sledge and play throughout the wintery world that Jack is magically creating. Until the boy spots the first sign of Spring - a snowdrop - and the spell is broken. This is a magical tale, bringing to life an impish yet friendly Jack Frost that will have children fascinated by the patterns on their windows and on the world outside. As we move to Spring I'm disappointed that we didn't have this book all winter to enjoy! I'm already looking forward to sharing it again when Jack Frost returns to spread his magic on the world!

We would love to hear of any books you recommend for us to share! Mummy is currently finding herself earlier and earlier to bed and falling asleep in the pages of her book now that Baby BookBump is only five weeks away from joining us. You can follow what I read on GoodReads and BookBairn is always sharing her favourites on our social media feeds (linked at the top of the page).

Happy Reading,
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  1. How interesting. Maybe we could do an intergenerational BookFamily Reading Challenge. I love The Snow Child (although it made me cry) but Jack Frost looks a beautiful book and can't wait to get a chance to read it too

  2. Although the spring flowers are out I don't think we've seen the end of Jack Frost for this year yet. Looks like a lovely book.

    1. I hope we have! I love all the bulbs popping up!