BookBairn's vocabulary is growing so quickly, she has so many words now I've lost count. And she's started stringing pairs of ...

One Word at a Time

Friday, July 29, 2016 BookBairn 4 Comments

BookBairn's vocabulary is growing so quickly, she has so many words now I've lost count. And she's started stringing pairs of words together to make her first little sentences like "help Mummy" and "open door" and "read-y book" (of course!). But for the most part she expresses herself pretty well with just one word. I previously mentioned the hated "wait!" in our post BookBairn gets the Grumps but she's particularly fond of "more". Throw in "shoes" or "pram" when she wants to go out, "milk" when she wants it, "sleepy" when she's tired and "Louieeeeeee" which is her bedtime buddy and she's got most of her needs met.

Archie the Rhino is also a toddler of 'why use many words when one will do?' mentality. Created by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Tim Warnes, Archie is an adorable and mischievous little chappy whose ever-expanding vocabulary sometimes has his parents, who have patience by the bucket-load, at their wits end. He would certainly drive me bonkers which makes me concerned how I will survive the toddler demands from BookBairn!

In the newest release, Archie wants everything "Now!"! All parents with impatient toddlers will know that wanting everything now can be a huge issue for little ones. In this book, Archie is finding waiting a little bit hard. There are so many fun things he wants to do: play in his paddling pool before it has any water in; read a story with his dad, whilst his dad is on the phone; ride his new scooter before it's unwrapped; and skip the queue of the bouncy castle. But the real challenge comes for Archie when his parents tell him he is going on holiday and he just can't wait. But of course, he has to wait! His parents make him a special countdown chart and over the ten days they fill his days with fun activities in the hope of keeping him busy. When the day finally comes to go on holiday there is a small problem: they can't find Tiger (the equivalent of BookBairn's Louis Lion) and now they can't wait! Don't worry, he turns up just in the nick of time and Archie does a marvellous job waiting in the queues at the airport. And then finally he gets his holiday.

This book is truly adorable! Archie is the cutest little rhino and is perfectly cast as a mischeivous toddler who uses his limited vocabulary in a very powerful way. I love the concept of this series and it is as funny for parents as it is enjoyable for little readers. It is so true to real life, apart from the talking rhino part, of course. But you will see yourselves in the parents pained expressions and see your toddler in the mischievous Archie. Tim Warnes's illustrations perfectly captured the chaotic words of having a toddler: piles of books everywhere (at least in our house), parents chasing around after a little person, and dark circles under the parents' eyes. In Archie, he has created a bundle of energy who is truly adorable (especially when he's sleeping - like all toddlers, right?).

If you like the sound of this one, there are three other books in the Archie series:

"More!" where Archie learns this powerful toddler word and just wants more and more and more of everything! I love the page where Archie wants just one more bedtime story and his frazzled dad is surrounded by piles of books (some of which have instantly recognisable covers to picture book fans). I know that feeling. And, quite honestly, it comes to bedtime story and I will happily read one, or two, but then I just want her in bed so I can pop the TV on and put my feet up with a hot cup of tea. In this book, Archie struggles with any kind of moderation but he eventually discovers that less is more.

"No!" where Archie makes life difficult for everyone by refusing everything and anything. His ever-suffering parents try their best but what can you do when they point blank refuse to do something? Archie makes a few errors in judgement though. He says "no" to everything and misses out on painting and eating cakes and playing with his friends. He learns that sometimes "yes" can be as powerful as "no".

"Why?" stars Archie in a question-marathon when he wants to learn everything. Fortunately, BookBairn is not at this stage yet but I'm sure when it does come round I will feel like Archie's exhausted parents who cannot answer Archie's questions quickly enough.  This one, unfortunately, doesn't have a great lesson where Archie realises the power of his words. He simply exhausts himself with questions and falls asleep. And I bet his parents collapse in a heap whilst he sleeps peacefully. Until the next morning: "Why aren't you up yet?" True to life!

I wasn't surprised to learn that Tracey Corderoy is a trained teacher with a background in literacy and a passion for language and learning. It is evident in these books. She knows kids. This series is hilarious for adults who will no doubt see their toddlers and themselves in the pages, but the books will also open up early discussions about patience, manners, empathy with unruly little ones!

I love how BookBairn's vocabulary is expanding! Its fascinating. And exhausting. We are taking each day, one word at a time.

Mummy and BookBairn x

Sometimes toddlers just have a mind of their own!
*DISCLAIMER* We borrowed 'More!', 'No!' and 'Why?' from our local library and received a copy of  'Now' for review from the publisher. All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. "Now" was one of MummyBookBairn's favourite early words. By the way, you missed out the other two words that BookBairn can put together - "Papa" and "Colin". Yeah!!!!.

    1. I wrote this post before she said that! And to be honest she can now string together a few words in mini-sentences. Her language is coming on so fast! xx

  2. It sounds such a sweet book, and very accurate! Toddlers are so demanding and once they get a few words under their belt, they rule their worlds! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! Pretty sure we all know who's in charge in our house *hint: it's not me!