The sun has finally arrived in Scotland, it seems it took a little longer to reach us than the rest of the UK, but I won't grumble bec...

BookBairn and the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 BookBairn 7 Comments

The sun has finally arrived in Scotland, it seems it took a little longer to reach us than the rest of the UK, but I won't grumble because, despite the duller weather, we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

BookBairn recently got her very first pair of shoes (Mummy was more excited than her but, it's ok, she will learn to love shoes as much as mummy, just like she has with books) and is now ready to toddle and explore the great outdoors. So far, much of her experience outdoors has been from a baby carrier or her pram (read more about this here) and whilst this is great, she's getting a much more hands-on experience of the world now!

We recently went (pre-new-shoes) for her first toddle along the beach and when we tweeted the pictures, the lovely Fiona Barker sent us a copy of her book to celebrate! Before we review the book, can I just say that Fiona also sent a lovely handwritten letter that made me feel like a marvelous mummy! So, a personal message to you Fiona: thank you! It's not the easiest being a mummy, and at times it feels like I'm 'winging it' or bumbling along, making mistakes along the way, so when someone gives you that proverbial 'pat on the back' it feels like a warm hug! Thank you!

'Amelie and the Great Outdoors' is the story of a little girl who never ventures outside, preferring to play on her own indoors. Like many children, Amelie loves her toys, computer games and television, none of which she could find in 'the Great Outdoors' and, like most parents, Amelie's parents tried many ways to get her to choose to play outside but to no avail! One day, a little bird, named Barlow, begins to visit  Amelie's windowsill to tell her of all his adventures: from the beach, to the park, to the farm fields. He comes and goes, through all seasons: from autumn bonfire celebrations to winter snowmen. Until one day his visits stop. Amelie wonders if he is "lost out there somewhere in the Great Outdoors" and when she goes in search of she discovers something wonderful!

Amelie is a character that many children will relate to! And I'm sure many parents can sympathise with Amelie's parents efforts! Personally, I adore Barlow as he reminds me of that little robin in the Mary Poppins film, just hopping along the windowsill of the children's nursery! Rosie Brooks has illustrated this book beautifully, capturing the magic of a child's bedroom in contrast to the magic of the Great Outdoors.

This is a wonderful story to gently encourage little ones who are reluctant to adventure outside, or feel anxious about new experiences! This heart-warming and thoughtfully told story is a great way to foster a love of the outdoors and we highly recommend enjoying this story al fresco, in the garden, park or at the beach!

BookBairn also enjoys a
computer game with her daddy
from time to time!
As we approach the better weather, or should I say as the better weather approaches us (?), I hope BookBairn and I will be spending much more time outdoors!

Happy outdoor reading, 
Mummy and BookBairn xx

*DISCLAIMER* I was given our book as a gift from the author, however, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely story and nice book. It is great to see BookBairn playing in the Great Outdoors. Can't wait until she gets her first set of clubs!!!! ��

    1. She is out all the more in her new sandpit! (Though not today - it's raining). Thanks Papa!

  2. Aaaa what could be better than reading a book whilst enjoying the sunshine!! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

    1. It's my favourite past time. However, this year my reading has been less peaceful with a toddler to interrupt!

  3. This book looks so lovely and a great way to encourage little ones to get outside. Fingers crossed for some nice weather to enjoy this summer!
    Loving those first shoes book bairn, gorgeous!

    1. I wish we had more sunshine! The rain has returned here and I'm wishing for sunshine. Aren't the shoes cute? I want a mummy-sized pair.

  4. Indeed a lovely outing! I bet you all had a great time over there. We are planning an outdoor party in summer vacations. Will host this party at venues in Atlanta. Really want a memorable and fun-filled party.