I have always loved books: the stories, the illustrations, the thrill of turning the page, the smell, the feel! I'm a collector. For t...

A BookBairn is Born

Friday, September 25, 2015 BookBairn 6 Comments

I have always loved books: the stories, the illustrations, the thrill of turning the page, the smell, the feel! I'm a collector. For this I blame my mother. She's a librarian. She collects books too. And she instilled in me a passion for stories.

I am now all grown up. And have a library of my own (ok, it's a room filled to the rafters with books). To fund this collection I am a primary school teacher. My class love stories, as all children do, and I take great pride in choosing books to read with them. More on this at another date.

I recently became a mummy to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth (yes, like the princess! But my Charlotte came first, this is important.). Her name was chosen by the lovely children in my class who had enjoyed reading Charlotte's Web so much that my daughter is named after a spider. An amazing, kind and lovely spider, but a spider nonetheless. But she's our little Lottie.

Before Lottie was born her library (yes, she has one too) was well-stocked with as many children's books as my husband (he's an accountant) would let me buy. She joined the local library at eight days old. We read to her several times a day. I want her to love books too.

She is six months old. I am amazed by everything she does (aren't all parents amazed by their children?). She listens to stories, she holds the book, she is beginning to turn pages, she can lift the flaps, she can look at the text and tell us her version of the story (mostly goos, and gaas), and I'm hoping her favourite sound 'boof' will eventually become her first word 'book'. Enough bragging (I can't help myself, but will only indulge occasionally).

This blog will explore my wee BookBairn's journey into the world of books. And review the ones we read. And the ones you (if you're reading) recommend.

Join us as we turn the pages on our journey!
Mummy and BookBairn xx


  1. Hello BookBairn and Mummy,
    Is it OK for a librarian to post the first comment? What a wonderful idea this is. Following Lottie's progress in pictures AND words is pretty special - can't wait for the next instalment! My son is 24 and is just finishing one of my favourite ever books.
    Books - still trending after all these years!
    Looking forward to more stories...

    1. Thanks Audrey! BookBairn and I are very excited to get blogging! Although at the moment she's too busy catching up on last night's Strictly to pick up a book! xx

  2. This made me think of Noel Streatfield's beautiful story Ballet Shoes. I loved the story of the three Fossil sisters and GOM. Mind you, I wasn't any good at dancing. G'ma should buy a copy for BookBairn for when she gets older.

    1. Rhona - Ballet Shoes was one of my most precious books as a wee girl. Read so many times. I still have the dog-eared copy in my collection of extra special books.

  3. I just love it when BookBairn opens the flaps to look for Spot.

    1. We will need to do a review of Spot with a Papa C as a guest contributor!