This is a hard post to write because this book is so close to the reality for many and a growing number of people as we go deeper into the...

The Invisible by Tom Percival

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 BookBairn 1 Comments

 This is a hard post to write because this book is so close to the reality for many and a growing number of people as we go deeper into the financial crisis. With families facing food and fuel poverty this winter, I wanted to share this incredibly important story - The Invisible by Tom Percival - about remembering to look and really see those around us.

When Isabel and her family face changes in their financial circumstances, they can’t afford to have the heating on, they can’t afford a lot of things that some people take for granted.

Eventually they have to leave their home and move to a new part of the city: one that feels cold, sad and lonely. Much like Isabel in her new surroundings. Isabel starts to notice that people seemed to have stopped seeing her. The family driving in the car on the way to school, the smartly dressed people rushing passed, until eventually she simply fades away.

But Isabel does notice. She notices that there are lots of other invisible people. A whole community in fact. A community that she brings together to make their world brighter, more colourful until Isabel isn’t just visible. She’s vibrant! And so is her new home.

And get ready to wipe a tear: “And that was how Isabel made something very special. One of the hardest things that anyone can make… Isabel had made a difference.”

This is a book to remind us to look for the invisible. In fact more than that it’s a reminder to not let anyone be invisible. And to counter that with a message that we all belong here.

Beautifully illustrated, poignantly written, this is a book that all children should have read to them.

Note this is a library copy. When times are tough, remember libraries are for everyone. And they are packed full of colourful stories.

 Happy reading,
Kim x

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  1. What a great theme for a kids story book. Brilliant from the author. Well done to Tom Percival.