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The Dawn Seal by Holly Webb & David Dean (Holly Webb's Summer series)

Thursday, June 16, 2022 BookBairn 2 Comments

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Which books made you a reader?

When I think of the books that made me a reader I can’t help but revisit the early chapter book series Animal Ark which I devoured book after book. So when I read books by Holly Webb, all I can think is how much my younger self would have adored them. But now I get to enjoy them with BookBairn instead which feels even more special!

BookBairn is a huge animal story fan! They are the books that she revisits again and again! So I just know how much she is going to adore these! But knowing how much she loves seals - I feel like the newest release is going to be the favourite!

Reading The Dawn Seal by Holly Webb and illustrated by David Dean was like a journey back to my childhood reading. It tells the story of Lissa who is excited to spend the summer on her dad’s new houseboat. When he gets offered a work contract that means he’s too busy to spend time with her, she ends up feeling lonely and exploring on her own. 

One morning she has the most magical encounter with a seal pup who climbs on to her paddle board and from then on she spends all her time trying to catch a glimpse of this adorable creature. But with each sighting Lissa worries that the seal pup is lost and needs her help. And that’s when the real adventure begins!

This is written with a childlike wonder at the natural world and the characters, particularly Pup, will without a doubt leave a mark on young readers hearts. Also dealing with topics of a separated family, new home and feeling neglected whilst parents seem work-focussed, this is more than a simple animal rescue story. 

Scattered with illustrations, this is a great read for newly confident readers or as a read aloud! A magical and unforgettable read for sure and one that nature lovers really shouldn’t miss.

BookBairn and I are really looking forward to exploring the other books in this collection of wildlife summer stories The Wildmeadow Hare, The Silver Pony and The Hideaway Deer (each with a different main character so they work as standalone books too and can be read in any order) over the summer holidays! You can find links for them all below. I have to say I'm in love with the covers so can't wait to read the stories. 

Thanks to Little Tiger books for sending us this amazing set!

Happy summer reading!
Kim and BookBairn

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