AD: Sponsored Post We finally have our hands on more Princess in Black! We started reading this book series some time ago and had collected ...

Princess in Black box set from Books 2 Door

Monday, February 28, 2022 BookBairn 1 Comments

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We finally have our hands on more Princess in Black! We started reading this book series some time ago and had collected the first three in the series but somehow I had managed to buy different releases and they were different sizes so did not sitting nicely together on BookBairn's shelf. As any bookworm knows mis-matching series sits uncomfortably on our shelves. But thanks to spotting the box set of the first six books in the series on Books 2 Door, we now have a matching set!

BookBairn loves this series so much that she has even taken to dressing up as the Princess in Black and asked me to make a daisy for the front of a black dress to "make it more authentic" - ha! Her school don't do dressing up for World Book Day but if they did we'd certainly be covered and it was super quick and easy to make.

The Princess in Black series but Shannon & Dean Hale and with illustrations by LeUyen Pham is a perfect set for beginner readers - when we first started reading these, maybe 3 years ago (?), I read them aloud to BookBairn but now she can, to her delight, more or less read them to herself. Split into short chapters and being highly illustrated they are perfect for fans of Isadora Moon, the Kitty adventures or the Rainbow Magic series.

Stopping monsters is no job for a prim and perfect princess in pink like Princess magnolia and her unicorn Frimplepants - they are more suited to hosting tea parties and going on carriage rides. But when trouble calls on her glitter-stone ring which has an in-built monster alarm, Princess Magnolia and Frimplepants transform into their alter egos the Princess in Black and her trusty steed Blacky. And together they confront all sort of monsters from goat-threatening hairy ones to a hoard of rather adorable but ravenous purple bunnies. And all before returning to the castle and getting caught out by nosy duchesses or partying princesses. 

BookBairn really adores this series that has a mighty girl protagonist at it's heart. It is wonderfully illustrated and BookBairn likes to reenact the stories which is certain confirmation that they have sparked her imagination - it won't be long before she's trying to dress her little brother like the Goat Avenger!

So if you're looking for a new series to start this World Book Day, or an easy costume to create, I highly recommend the Princess in Black series, available in this box set from Books 2 Door
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Happy reading,

BookBairn (or should I say the Princess in Black?) and Kim

Disclaimer: This is a paid AD from Books2Door and I was sent this box set for review in collaboration and this post contains a link to the review which I included as part of said agreement. (Though I would have directed you to their site anyway because the book bargains are fabulous!)

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  1. A great book and a great outfit for BookBairn. She looks terrific but I’m more than a bit biased.