The human spirit thrives in nature. When we connect to our natural world it can create feelings of happiness and connectedness with oth...

#KidLitPicks January Round-Up - Nature

Friday, February 08, 2019 BookBairn 2 Comments

The human spirit thrives in nature. When we connect to our natural world it can create feelings of happiness and connectedness with others. Breathing in that fresh air sends a rush of good vibes to our brains and exploring all of nature’s creatures and beauty is just another avenue to learning. So this month, why don’t we celebrate the wonder of nature in picture books?! The singing birds, buzzing bees, crashing waves or swaying trees? Find and share any books that illustrate the wondrous environment around us and pay homage to our sweet Mother Nature.

During January the @kidlitpicks book club featured books about nature. Thanks to Angelique from Heads Shoulders Knees for the inspirational theme!

I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree, by Fiona Waters and Fran Preston-Gannon
“Because it is summertime in our part of the world, we started halfway through. In all truth, we’ve read more than one poem every day because this book is darling, with wonderful bite-sized nature-themed beauties by poets such as Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Emily Bronte, and soft, friendly illustrations.” — Summer from @readingisourthing

My Little Forest and My Little Garden, by Katrin Wiehle
“While the images are printed to look flat, they have an energy and texture about them that jumps right off the page." — Mel from @spiky_penelope

The Little Gardener, by Emily Hughes
“We love this book for its detailed, whimsical illustrations, it’s simple repetitive text and it’s big heart.” — Claire from @alittlebookhabit

Wild, by Emily Hughes
“It’s a gorgeously illustrated book with a lot of heart and some really good discussion points if you have an older audience.” — Claire from @alittlebookhabit

Bug Hotel and Bird House, by Libby Walden and Clover Robin
“These are perfect for when Spring returns and gardens become a-buzz with bees and beasties and trees a-flutter with feathered friends.” —  Kim from @bookbairn

The Flight of Mr. Finch, by Thomas Baas
“Indeed it is a reminder that the journey is more important than the destination and perhaps what one seeks after most is closer to home than previously imagined.” — Miranda from @bookbloom

Illuminatureby Carnovsky  and Rachel Williams
“This book is seriously cool, engaging, informative and fascinating!”  De from @books_and_babycinos

Animals in the Night, by Ruth Austin and Iris Deppe
“This is a lovely way to engage children in learning about animal behaviour and habitat.” — Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Something Rotten: A Fresh Look at Roadkill, by Heather L Montgomery and Kevin O'Malley
“This book is seriously fascinating.” — Carissa from @bookskidslove_

The Clue Is in the Poo, by Andy Seed and Claire Almon
“There’s loads of pictures on every page and interesting information about animals from around the world.” — Carissa from @bookskidslove_

Shell, Beak, Tusk: Shared Traits and the Wonders of Adaptation, by Bridget Heos 
"This is a compelling picture book for older kids that brings to life theories of evolution in small, easily understood fun facts."  Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople

Where in the Wild, by Jenny Lambert
“Its bright and engaging pictures are guaranteed to grab the attention of the smallest readers and its rhythmic language sounds like a sweet song.” — Angelique from @heads.shoulders.knees

A Forest, by Marc Martin
“This story demonstrates the touching reality of renewal and conservation.” — Angelique from @heads.shoulders.knees

The Honeybee, by Kirsten Hall and Isabelle Arsenault
“This beautiful book, vibrant with gold and black, provides a simple yet thorough journey through the life of bees!” — Angelique from @heads.shoulders.knees

Little Fox in the Snow, by Jonathan London and Daniel Miyares“The lyrical and subtly rhyming text blend together perfectly with the illustrations to accentuate the stillness and urgency of nature.⁣” — Heather from @kidlitbookbits

Finding Wild, by Megan Wagnor Lloyd and Abigail Halpin
Finding Wild is a gorgeously illustrated exploration of the wild that can be found all around us if we just take the time to look.” — Anna from @kidlitcrafts


Where would we be as a society without trailblazers? They are often the first people to do something or go somewhere and they show us that it is also possible for other people to do the same. Whether they are the explorers from days before, inventors that chose to make something that everyone said was impossible to current trailblazers that are defying people's expectations of them, these humble heroes inspire both adults and children alike. So join us this month as we find and share books that pay tribute to these amazing people!

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