It feels like too long since I wrote a blog post! I thought once BookBairn started nursery I would have more time to write and manage...

Blog Update

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BookBairn 4 Comments

It feels like too long since I wrote a blog post! I thought once BookBairn started nursery I would have more time to write and manage my blog but it turns out I just have more things that I need (want) to get done. I feel like I should have expected this but it has still taken me by surprise!

There are two mornings a week when I have a couple of hours to myself to get things done whilst both bairns are at nursery at the same time and I thought I would be able to fit lots of jobs in. I don't. I decided to join a local gym in order to improve my woeful fitness levels and that along with walking to nursery five times a week is making me feel better in myself but it means I have less time to blog! I'm also consciously trying to do less chores whilst the kids are around and enjoy playing with them instead as well as trying to fit in a bit of chill time/reading time for me when they nap/have quiet time. So again my child-free time seems to just disappear.

We currently receive over 30 books a month from publishers - some requests and some unsolicited - so it's tricky just to keep on top of that and sharing those on social media. Don't get me wrong, it's a great problem to have but it does mean that sitting down, writing lengthier blog posts as well as taking, editing and adding photographs, can be more time consuming than I have to spare. It also means several emails back and forth as well as building some skills as I try and learn about affiliate links and working with brands so that the blog earns me a little bit of pocket money. I don't want to turn it into a business particularly and I wouldn't want to put you lovely readers off but I would like to try and make a little bit of pocket money so that I can treat the kids every so often and buy myself some new books here and there. I have started doing this and try to make sure everything is clear in my disclosures for you and I hope you will support me in this. I hope to start using affiliate links so that if you like the sound of a book, and do intend to buy it, you click through the link and I get a small amount back. It doesn't cost you anymore but I get about between 20-50p per book. So I won't exactly be rolling it in! As I say I hope you will support me in this. 

My plan going forward is to make a conscious effort to find time to write here twice a week. I have several blog tours that I've committed to so that will keep the posts coming and I think I will try and do a weekly round-up sharing some of the books from my social media on here as well, hopefully allowing me to pop content up here without duplicating my workload. If there are any particular posts you would like to see please let me know and I will get writing those first for you! 

I am finding one thing that is taking up far more of my time is through sharing books on social media - primarily Instagram as I think it lends itself well to sharing picture books as it's so visual - and interacting with followers. I've almost got to the magic number of 10k! And would love to do that in time for Christmas so if you don't follow me on there I would love it if you would.

I'm aware this has been a bit of a rambly post so if you got all the way to the end of it - thank you! You're fully up to date!
Kim and the bairns x