March has been a very exciting month for us as BookBairn turned three ! If you've been following our blog since we started when she...

Little Loves - March

Friday, March 30, 2018 BookBairn 8 Comments

March has been a very exciting month for us as BookBairn turned three! If you've been following our blog since we started when she was six months old you will, no doubt, like me not believe that she is three already! The Wee Page Turner has mastered crawling and now is a speedster and into everything including pulling himself up on to the sofa and grabbing whatever is in reach - often his sisters toes! He also definitely said his first word... "mama" which is such a thrill as BookBairn's first word was "dada". He has been making a "mamamama" sound for a while but he was definitely shouting out for me when confronted with a scary dinosaur puppet! And now we have a lovely Easter weekend ahead of us!

So that's been our month and here are some of the little loves we have been enjoying.

The book I have read the most this month with BookBairn is probably not the most exciting book but she has really enjoyed it and it's been a great help, we hope, in preparing her for the transition to her big girl bed. In "Princess Polly and The Big Girl Bed", Princess Polly is going through all the stages of getting her new bed. And we have been going over and over them too. It also has a delightful (not delightful) button that shouts "hooray" every time you push it. Princess Polly was a real help for us when potty training and I hope this will help BookBairn too as we tried the big girl bed before and it was not a success. Fingers crossed for better luck this time!

We have really enjoyed watching the movie 'Sing' recently. BookBairn loves to dance along with songs and music on the TV and she has really enjoyed the end of the film where the animals put on a concert. We particularly enjoy the pigs singing Shake it Off  and the gorilla singing I'm Still Standing. We often have a dance party in the evening just before Daddy comes home from work and these are our new favourites to dance along to. We have also watched a lot of Cbeebies this month (as always).

The Wee Page Turner tried on some of he costumes at the Dundee Science Centre, where we went for BookBairn's birthday, and he looked adorable in the Very Hungry Caterpillar dress-up. Especially when he crawled across the floor. They have much in common: they can both eat through one slice of chocolate cake, one ice cream, one pickle, one slice of swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake and one slice of watermelon!

We got lots of new games and toys for BookBairn's birthday and one of the most popular was the Make Your Own Farm that we shared last week. We also love our Grimm's rainbow and finding lots of different ways to play. Not only is it a beautiful toy (unlike so much of the plastic tat that overflow the toy boxes) it has so many opportunities for open-ended play. BookBairn enjoys making rockets by stacking the arches on top of each other but my favourite is to line them all up upside down and roll a ball along them making a delightful (actually delightful) little plinky-plonk sound as it does. Though an expensive toy I feel like this is one that will be handed down from generation to generation and be enjoyed and played with by them all along the way!

I recently was persuaded by so many crafty-mum accounts on Instagram to buy a set of Little Brian paint sticks as BookBairn loves to paint but I often find it difficult to set up, manage the mess, and clean up with The Wee Page Turner (literally) under our feet so I thought these would provide a quick solution. And they are great! We covered the table in drawing paper and BookBairn created away to her hearts content. We then took to the windows, and as I type I can see the beautiful flowers that she created on the windows. They wash off so easily and you can just start again! Even Daddy had fun doing this. You can also apparently (we haven't tried it yet) use them on fabric and then iron the reverse side to set them! I sense a little BookBairn designed bookbag creation in future!

We have heard a lot of numbers and counting from BookBairn! She is fascinated by the numbers on the local buses as we drive and walk around our town and can now begin to identify lots of them (but the 64 is her favourite apparently). She also counted up to 35 at nursery, according to her learning journal, by counting the triangles in the pattern on her skirt. And we have been playing lots of games that require simple counting - from the Incy Wincy Spider game I shared last month (numbers on the dice and the track) to Hungry Hippos (who got the most balls, and more importantly who got the yellow one?) and to our Tumbling Bee game, which is a bit like Kerplunk (who got the least bees). She also traced some numbers by herself on some number cards that we have. We seem to be counting all the time!

We have enjoyed playing in the garden. I couldn't think what to type here and I heard BookBairn chatting over the baby monitor (she has quiet time just now) about playing in the garden with her mummy, daddy and baby brother. And we have been enjoying it. We had our garden landscaped in the late autumn to make it more child-friendly and had a swing and slide set installed but didn't get much chance to play with it as it got too cold, wet and wintery. But this past week we have been out and playing and it has been lovely! I even had a blissful twenty minutes of outdoor reading sitting on our new deck area whilst they napped (it wasn't warm but it was blissful). I can't wait to get more and more use out of the garden as the weather improves! Roll on Spring sunshine!

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about the things we loved this month, I've enjoyed reflecting back on some of our favourite things!

Hope you had a lovely March and look forward to some Spring weather!
Mummy and the bairns xx

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  1. Read - still reading the same book as last time.
    Watched - Lots of “scandos” with GMa.
    Wore - Lots of layers.
    Played - golf very badly.
    Made - Lots of meals.
    Heard - BookBairn singing and the Wee Page Turner saying “Papapapapapa” - well it was more like “Mamamamamama” but he meant “Papapapapapa.”.
    And lastly - looking fotward to my Easter holiday near BookBairn and the Wee Page Turner.

    1. I love your lists! But get reading Papa!

  2. Mmm Read- Lincoln in the Bardo - lots of souls trapped between worlds
    Watched - lots of sport with BookBairn’s Papa C
    Wore - Christmas party dress to BookBairn’s birthday party
    Played - BookBairn’s new Beetle game (actually I think Mummy wanted this piece of nostalgia from her childhood)
    Made - G’ma Shirley’s wee beasties sweater for BookBairn - well a good bit of it and two V Hungry Caterpillars
    Heard - birds chirping in the morning light after the longest winter, it seems
    And lastly, I got snowed out away from home for 2 nights and I’m so grateful for my wonderful friends who took me in, it’s also made me very appreciative of my home.

    1. I did want that game for myself! But BookBairn and Daddy enjoy playing it lots!

  3. We had the Princess Polly potty book and oh boy that button made me want to chuck it out the window! Whatever works though right?
    Definitely up for some Spring sunshine now. Fed up of this grey and cold weather.
    Thanks for linking up! x

    1. The button "hooray!" is certainly annoying but anything to help with potty training and supporting big changes like big girl bed!

  4. We had a great sunny day in our garden too, it was so much fun. Like you, we had our garden transformed last year but towards the end of the Summer, so haven't been able to get out there and play. I can already tell that lots of time will be spent out there this year! My little one used to love Sing! - it's not a bad film for adults either :) Enjoy the rest of your week xx

    1. That's funny coincidence! We are certainly enjoying our garden too!