A while ago I did a little introductions post on Instagram to say hello to any new followers we have (approaching 5000 - wouldn't it b...

My Top Five Picture Books

Friday, November 03, 2017 BookBairn 15 Comments

A while ago I did a little introductions post on Instagram to say hello to any new followers we have (approaching 5000 - wouldn't it be amazing to get to that huge number by the end of the year? So please follow! Ta!) and I asked if anyone had anything they wanted to know about me, us, books...

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And the ever so lovely Cara from @raising.kinley  asked me to share my top five picture books of all time. And I clarified they were to be mine, not BookBairns. Well, lovely readers, you can imagine this has taken a lot of pondering (and I needed time to write the post) so it's been over a month but I have narrowed it down. When I thought about it, I realised that I had three instant choices (so it would probably be fairer to say I have three top books) and I thought long and hard about the additional two spots. So I've categorised them as my honourable mentions and my top three, from which I cannot choose a favourite. Here goes:

Honourable Mentions

Bee by Britta Teckentrup and Patricia Hegarty

I love the illustrations in this fabulous book, in fact I love almost everything illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. I could pour over these pages for hours. Literally hours. They are packed full of beauty. And the poetry of the story about the humble bee elevating it to such a high status is absolutely captivating. I have always had a fond spot for the humble bumblebee after my parents have been calling me "bumblebee" or just "bumble" for years and this book shows they are worth of poetry and art. And that makes it just a bit special for me.

Spot by Eric Hill

"Spot! Spot! Lovable Spot! He's soft and cuddly and he smiles a lot. If there ever was a pup to cheer you up it's Spot. Spot! Spot!" Perhaps an odd choice amongst some of the more artistic and complex picture books I have chosen for this list. But Spot was part of my childhood - my brother's favourite - and I remember him fondly. We had Spot books, Spot soft-toys and Spot card games. I remember playing 'Happy Families' with oversized cards. I remember that tattered and much-loved and dragged-along toy. I remember reading the stories. And now I love reading him with BookBairn. Simple, fun and easy (and not too long when I need bedtime to commence).

Top 3

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

I have loved this book long before BookBairn was born. And it was one of the first books that I ever bought for her when she was merely a bump in my tummy. It tells the story of a little boy so filled with wonder about the stars that he decides to try and catch one. And I can't quite say why I find this so enchanting, perhaps it's because I'm fascinated by the world beyond ours, by the stars and the universe so expansive and miraculous that I can relate to feeling small and simply wanted to hold a little bit of that magic in my hand. Oliver Jeffers is also one of my favourite artists. I love the simple style of his drawings that are on second glance far more complex than you may have initially realised. There's a little bit of magic in this story. And the ending is absolutely charming.

Nibbles the Book Monster by Emma Yarlett

I chose this one partly because it is BookBairn's favourite and she just loves reading it and I just love reading it with her. This is an ingenious story about a little monster who can't help but nibble his way through books. With layers of illustrations I'm still finding new things hidden even after the many many reads. It really is a brilliant book. But I think I probably knew instantly I would choose this one because of the way it makes me feel. When I read this one with BookBairn and see her little face light up at the joy of the story, the magic of the illustration I can see these are the moments that are turning her into a reader. And that fills me with joy. And that joy makes me love this book.

Me by Emma Dodd

I mention this book on here all the time as one of the loveliest stories that I have ever read. I just adore it. The first hundred times we read it, it filled my eyes with tears. And the next hundred filled my with warmth. And for the next hundred I will hold my rapidly growing little ones even closer. And I will keep this book forever. The world is so big, and moments curled up together so small, it's just perfect poetry for parents to read with children. And I adore the little penguin illustration. He's irresistible. This is the book I wish I had written. And I will cherish it always.

So there you have them! My top five picture books. It was a real challenge and I really did think long and hard about it. But I did finally choose. I wonder if, when I look back, I would choose the same again? Or will future experiences, such as BookBairn reading for the first time, change my mind. Or will my taste in books change? Or will some as-yet-unwritten picture book blow these others out of the water? Perhaps a book of my own? Who knows?

Could you choose just five favourite picture books? I set all my blogging friends a challenge to write a post sharing only five! And if you're not a blogger I'd love to hear from you in the comments below (or on our social media) with your favourites.

Happy Reading,
Mummy x



  1. Your official name was Kimberley Bimberley Bumblebee an I still love Spot.

  2. I think these are great choices Jill Murphy's Five Minutes Peace would have made my top 3, another adorable book x

  3. I think GmaBookBairn's choice is going to make my top 5 :) You have done so well to get down to 5...

    1. I haven't read it in a long time. I must request it from the library!

  4. Well done you for choosing, I don't think I could pick just five!! Thank you for sharing with #readwithme

  5. Great choices, not sure I could get it down to 5 though! #readwithme

  6. The nibbles book looks SO cute! All of these are great choices.

  7. Spot books are always a hit in my house and I love the look of How to Catch a Star - that looks like a fab book. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

  8. Spot is certainly a lovable character. The others I don't know but would love to read them too. #KLTR