As the days get more and more autumnal (and sometimes wintry), there are days where the weather is miserable outside and the thought of g...

Lift-the-Flap for a Rainy Day

Friday, October 20, 2017 BookBairn 2 Comments

As the days get more and more autumnal (and sometimes wintry), there are days where the weather is miserable outside and the thought of going out in the dreich, wet, windy days is just too much to bear. But it's ok, I've got some great new colouring books up my sleeve (ok there in my book-stash box) to keep BookBairn entertained whilst we are stuck inside.

In this series of 'Lift-the-Flap and Colour' books by Alice Bowsher you can create your very own colourful habitats including Jungle, African Animals, Forest and Ocean! In collaboration with the Natural History Museum, young animal enthusiasts can lift the flaps on each page to reveal hidden animals in the natural habitats. From the dense jungle-floor to the tree-top canopy; from the shallow waters to the open ocean; from the plains of the savannah to the lush watering hole; and from woodland undergrowth to the tall forest trees, you can explore a whole world of environments and creatures. Each page has accompanying rhyming text that allows the reader to learn a little more about each environment and parts of the text are hidden under the flaps too meaning that children really reveal the story as they interact with the books.

But these books are a little dull - they are in black and white. So it's up to you to add the colour! The illustrations are bold using wide lines that a perfectly suited to little ones just learning to colour inside the lines. But they will also appeal to older readers/colourers as they are filled with character and humour and they will get a better sense of the overall scene.

BookBairn is beginning to make attempts now to colour deliberately. She doesn't stay inside the lines but she is beginning to pay attention to them. I decided to start with 'African Animals' knowing that she would enjoy colouring the elephants and giraffes and lions best! I love to sit down beside her and share the pages of a colouring book - it's a great way to chat and spend time together. Perfect for wet and windy winter days too. These books really are great fun!

Happy Colouring
Mummy and BookBairn xx

*Disclaimer: these books were sent for free from the publishers but words and opinions are our own!


  1. BookBairn certainly is a young animal enthusiast and I’m sure she’ll love these books. I’ve noticed her definitely trying to keep inside the lines recently - a big step forward but then she always seems to have taken another leap every time I see her. Look forward to the next time.

    1. I love that she is really trying now. And her drawings are getting better too. Ask her draw a picture of you next time you're here!