As many of you will know, or be able to imagine, adjusting to being a parent of two children is a bit of a learning curve! And one of the...

A Wee Gallery for The Wee Page Turner

Thursday, June 01, 2017 BookBairn 4 Comments

As many of you will know, or be able to imagine, adjusting to being a parent of two children is a bit of a learning curve! And one of the things I've been struggling with is leaving The Wee Page Turner lying on his mat without any entertainment whilst I spend time with BookBairn. But these 'books' from The Wee Gallery have begun to capture his attention and because they fold out so easily I can pop them around him wherever he is - changing mat, pram, floor, cot. Perfect as we chase BookBairn from room to room!

These cloth books are such a revelation to me as BookBairn was never really into cloth books but we never had ones like these that fold out. The Wee Page Turner enjoys looking at the high contrast illustrations of animals and BookBairn enjoys lying down beside him to tell him which animal is which.

The 'Faces in the Garden' book (the cat) is purely black and white and features a cat, dog, raccoon (not a face we see in the UK), bunny, owl and bee.

 'Tiptoe Tiger' has black, white and orange illustrations starring a tiger, bird, bee, flower, monkey and butterfly and on the reverse side it shows the tiger interacting with each of these creatures in a wider variety of colours. It's more like a story than a single word primer and I imagine his big sister will make up her own tale to go along with the pictures to 'read' to him.

 I love these illustrations and have wanted some of The Wee Gallery's range for some time. They describe their range as "smart art for little minds" and that sums up their range so well.
Their high contrast pictures are great for little ones but also are rather stylish and would make a lovely collection for a nursery wall. 

And these cloth books make me feel less guilty about getting down on the floor to play with BookBairn (or sort the washing, or cook tea) whilst The Wee Page Turner is occupied by something valuable, educational and developmentally appropriate.

So lovely to share The Wee Page Turner's first real review with you on the blog! I'm sure he will feature in many more, after all he's much easier to photograph sitting still than BookBairn is these days!

Happy reading, playing, relaxing on the floor!
Mummy and The Wee Page Turner xx

*DISCLAIMER* Just before The Wee Page Turner was born we got a brilliant bundle of books from Quarto Kids and their various imprints with a lovely message saying they were delighted to hear about our baby news and that these were a bundle of books to enjoy with our new baby and no review was necessary but I really wanted to share these great 'books' with you!


  1. The Wee Gallery books look perfect for the Wee Page Turner.

    1. They are lovely! We have some board books from the same series too for when he's ready to turn the pages himself!