BookBairn is obsessed  with giraffes at the moment! It would be hard to claim that they are her favourite animal among the menagerie of toys...

Giraffes make the Best of Friends

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 BookBairn 2 Comments

BookBairn is obsessed with giraffes at the moment! It would be hard to claim that they are her favourite animal among the menagerie of toys and books that we have acquired: her bedtime buddy is a lion called Louis; she points out penguins in all the books we read; she thinks chickens are hilarious (as discovered at the farm last week); BookBunny is her best pal; and when asked 'what sound does a snake make?' she does a marvelous imitation. But, giraffes are right up there as a favourite thanks to a little statue giraffe (pictured left) that her grandma brought back from her holidays and who lives on the mantelpiece. At the first mention of a giraffe she points to the mantelpiece!

Accordingly, we have been reading a story filled with giraffe-fun! 'Nemo and Giraffe' by Lee Hunter with illustrations by Lindy Damen tells the delightful story of two inseparable but unusual pals. I love the beginning pages of this story that explain that any two people or creatures can be friends - even a giraffe and a cat. The giraffe, it turns out is a beautifully illustrated soft toy that Nemo, the cat, takes everywhere with him. They play hide and seek, stare out of the window and curl up by the fire. This book is really brought to life by the illustrations and Nemo and his giraffe are incredibly cute and particularly irresistible. You can't help but fall in love with them! I also like that each page features a brightly coloured background but is not overly-fussy in it's background illustrations making it easier for little bookbairns to focus on the main elements of the story. This book has a lovely message about friendship and equality: you don't have to look the same to be best friends. Something I hope BookBairn will take to heart as she starts to make friends of her own.
The story behind the story is equally as touching. The author is a child care professional, working from the home she shares with her husband and pet cat, Nemo. She wrote this book to help the children understand the needs of Nemo and to encourage them to be comfortable and respectful around him. The book explains some of Nemo's fears, such as loud noises, dogs barking, new faces but also that he is comforted by his giraffe toy. I'm sure that lots of children will relate to this and it is a great way to help them empathise with our furry friends, such as Nemo.

As this book is self-published, it isn't quite as sturdy as some other books and the quality of the finish isn't as good as large publishing houses can create. However, what it lacks in professional finish the story makes up for in charm! It is a truly charming story of two inseparable friends that will delight wee readers and animal lovers alike. And it would make a perfect read for any family who are planning on getting a pet in the near future!
Hope that you all have a giraffe of your own to curl up and read stories with!
 Love Mummy and BookBairn x

One from the cutting
room floor for you!
Nemo and Giraffe also
makes a great 
peek-a-boo toy!

*DISCLAIMER* I was given our book for free for review purposes, however, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Does BookBairn have an alligator in her menagerie? Could arrange for one to be in Papa C's suitcase.

  2. Ye, there's definitely a giraffe theme heading to warding little BookBairn from the west. Hopefully Mummy will write reviews to share