Here are some of the books we shared. All fabulous reads but BookBairn was no longer  reading themand we knew they were better off in anot...

BookBairn's Book Swap #2

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 BookBairn 4 Comments

Here are some of the books we shared. All fabulous reads but BookBairn was no longer
 reading themand we knew they were better off in another bookbairn's house.
One of the things about starting a new year is that feeling of needing to de-clutter your cupboards, your house, your life! I'm not one for clutter generally - I can be quite ruthless, in fact, but... we do have a lot of books. Last July, I shared a post about our previous book swap but alas we have acquired more.

 A lot more. And I knew we would get more at Christmas time. So, ever the proactive de-clutterer, I decided to purge our bookshelves in November and create a little space. This time I decided I would share photos of our 'unwanted books' (please do not think there was anything wrong with the books - we were simply trying to re-home some to a family that would love them more than we do) and deliver them to the first to respond. The other members of the closed Facebook group (I decided to keep it to local friends so that I could deliver them all easily) also added some books they were happy to clear from their shelves. And it was a huge success! All in all we re-homed over 130 books between a group of thirty parents and lots of books that sat unread on the shelves are now being enjoyed. As you can see from all BookBairn's bookish buddies reading their 'new' books.

If you have a need to get rid of any extra books I highly recommend doing a book swap with friends. It's pretty easy to co-ordinate and all it takes is a little extra effort to carry some books around when you are going to see other kiddies!

*But I didn't make quite enough space! Whoops! The shelves are still over-flowing after Christmas. Fortunately, I am hatching plans...

In the spirit of giving, please keep an eye out for our blog post tomorrow about International Book Giving Day. We are part of a team of bloggers who will be taking part and have this year's logo and poster to reveal! Very exciting!

Happy Book Swapping,
Mummy and BookBairn xx


  1. What a great idea. Hope everyone is enjoying their "new" books. Happy reading.

    1. Looks like they are from the photos - I see I forgot to add a photo of BookBairn reading hers! Whoops!

  2. I loved how we were all like little elves delivering our books around the town! Thank you so much for organising it.

    1. Great description! Little Bookish Elves! Hope you will help me with my next project! x